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Civic Affairs Bureau

System of public offering of information of Yokohama-shi

We establish the regulations about exhibition of information that Yokohama-shi holds in February, 2000, and Yokohama-shi specifies respect for citizen's right to know and explanation duty about municipal administration of city and there are how many people widely and guarantee right to demand disclosure of administration document. In addition, we plan general promotion of information disclosure including work for information disclosure such as exhibition or investment corporation of meeting of affiliated engine.

Person who can demand 1

We can demand disclosure from anyone.

Organization which carries out disclosure of 2 administration documents

Information that is targeted for 3 request

It is for administration document which conduct organization concerned holds as thing which the staff of conduct organization concerned uses systematically and includes electromagnetic record.

The following documents which are available by other methods become inapplicable.
  • Document that disclosure by the same method is carried out by rules such as other laws and ordinances
  • Book, bulletin, newspaper for sale
  • Document which is kept in library, art museum, citizen's information center

Even if it is target document, it may be available even if we do not take request procedure.
  • In the case of request, we recommend that we make inquiry to citizen's Information Systems Section or jurisdiction section.

Method of 4 request

Method of disclosure request includes three kinds of next.
 In addition, with word of mouth, telephone, FAX, E-mail cannot request.

(1) We submit disclosure bill to window

You fill in predetermined bill [PDF 13KB] with names of full name, address, administration document, and please submit to information disclosure reception counter (citizen's information center or each ward office Public Relations Section). (bill is offered in each information disclosure reception counter.)

(2) Disclosure request by mail

You fill in predetermined bill [PDF 13KB] with names of full name, address, administration document, and please mail.
 In addition, in the destination, please see page of information for information disclosure reception counter.

(3) Internet disclosure request by electronic application service

One made user registration to Yokohama-shi electron application service is available for disclosure request from homepage.

● We are not demanding disclosure by electronic application service now about municipal university.

Please perform user registration from page of electronic application service.

To page of Yokohama-shi electron application service

About personal information person disclosure request

About decision of 5 disclosure

Conduct organization performs decision whether or not we disclose within 14 days from the next day on request day about administrative document which had request and notifies of the contents. (when there are difficulty or other sufficient reasons in paperwork, we may extend decision period.)

In addition, we notify of the date and time, place carrying out disclosure in document after adjustment with claimer.

● We do not carry out disclosure by the Internet.

About information not to disclose 6

Administrative document discloses in principle. But we may not disclose information that authorized individual is distinguished about the next information.

  • Information that we cannot publicize in rules such as laws and ordinances
  • Information that it is information about individual, and can distinguish authorized individual
  • Information that it is information about corporation, and might hurt its fair profit of corporation
  • Information that trouble might produce for securing of protection such as human life, property and public security
  • Information that it is information about the deliberation, examination or discussion, and decision-making neutrality is spoiled unfairly, and might give confusion and disadvantage to citizen unfairly
  • Information that might affect appropriate accomplishment such as office work business of city

About 7 fees

Reading, the seeing and hearing of administrative document is free. When grant of copying is demanded, we charge the actual expenses.

To page of actual expenses table of grant of copying

About case to include dissatisfaction for 8 decision

When administrative document which we requested is not disclosed, and the decision includes dissatisfaction, query based on Administrative Appeal Law is possible.

In this case conduct organization consults in Yokohama-shi information disclosure, personal information protection examination committee and will do decision for query in deference to the report.

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