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Civic Affairs Bureau

To all of you evacuated to from Kumamoto in 2016 by Kumamoto earthquake

As it is necessary to grasp the situation of origin of refuge evacuated to in the municipalities,
I would like notification in the municipalities which lived before refuge.
※When place of refuge changed, I would like notification.

Communication method

○Please inform of next.
 ・Full name (as for the foreign inhabitants that popular name is listed in resident certificate, full name is commonly called) or the date of birth
 ・Address of origin of refuge
 ・The location of place of refuge, contact information phone number
  ※When you evacuate with member of same household, please contact the information of the one mentioned above.

◇List of communication windows of the refuge former municipalities

The municipalities name of a village Communication window name Phone number
Kumamoto-shi Life rehabilitation support section 096-328-2972
Yatsushiro-shi Crisis-Management Division 0965-33-4112
Hitoyoshi-shi Disaster prevention security section 0966-22-2111
Arao-shi It is section living lively 0968-63-1395
Minamata-shi Crisis control Disaster Prevention Section 0966-61-1604
Tamana-shi General welfare section 0968-75-1121
Amakusa-shi Disaster prevention Crisis-Management Division 0969-23-1111
Yamaga-shi Disaster prevention measures section 0968-43-1113
Kikuchi-shi Mayor palace 0968-25-7252
Uto-shi Crisis-Management Division 0964-22-1111
Kamiamakusa-shi Welfare section 0969-28-3381
Uki-shi Citizen's section 0964-32-1111
Aso-shi General Affairs Division disaster prevention measures room 0967-22-3111
Koshi-shi General Affairs Division 096-248-1112
Misato-machi Person in charge of General Affairs Division disaster prevention traffic 0964-46-2111
Gyokuto-machi Townsman welfare section 0968-85-3183
Nagomi-machi Healthy welfare section 0968-86-5724
Nankan-machi General Affairs Division 0968-57-8500
Nagasu-machi Welfare health care section 0968-78-3135
Ozu-machi General Affairs Division 096-293-3111
Kikuyo-machi Welfare section 096-232-4913
Minamioguni-machi General Affairs Division 0967-42-1112
Oguni-machi Welfare section 0967-46-2116
Ubuyama-mura General Affairs Division 0967-25-2211
Takamori-machi General Affairs Division 0967-62-1111
Minamiaso-mura Inhabitants welfare section 0967-62-9195
Nishihara-mura Inhabitants section 096-279-3111
Mifune-machi General Affairs Division 096-282-1111
Kashima-machi Townsman section 096-237-1111
Mashiki-machi General Affairs Division 096-286-3111
Kosa-machi Living security promotion room 096-234-1167
Yamato-cho Healthy welfare section 0967-72-1229
Hikawa-cho General Affairs Division 0965-52-7111
Ashikita-machi Person in charge of General Affairs Division disaster prevention traffic 0966-82-2511
Tsunagi-machi General Affairs Division 0966-78-3111
Nishiki-machi General Affairs Division 0966-38-1111
Asagiri-cho General Affairs Division 0966-45-1111
Taragi-machi General Affairs Division 0966-42-6111
Yunomae-machi General Affairs Division 0966-43-4111
Mizukami-mura General Affairs Division 0966-44-0311
Sagara-mura General Affairs Division 0966-35-0211
Itsuki-mura General Affairs Division 0966-37-2211
Yamae-mura General Affairs Division 0966-23-3111
Kuma-mura General Affairs Division 0966-32-1111
Reihoku-machi General Affairs Division 0969-35-1111