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Civic Affairs Bureau

We became able to acquire various certificates in convenience store

* With convenience store grant

Using my number card, it is service that various certificates including copying of resident certificate can acquire with multi-copier installed in convenience stores of the whole country.

The service starting date

Monday, January 23, 2017

Available one

Having my number card which stored electronic certificate for user proof in one performed resident registration of in Yokohama-shi is available.
※ Card which is available by convenience store grant is only my number card. (not available with Basic Resident Register card, private seal registration document.)
※ Seal Registration Certificate is only one made Seal Registration in Yokohama-shi.
※ Copying of tag of family register and family register (all, personal matter) certificate are only one with permanent domicile in Yokohama-shi.
※ Please refer to this for social security, tax number system (my number system) including my number card.

Certificates which we can acquire

Certificate which we can acquire
(limited to resident in Yokohama-shi)   


Target person 


  • Copying of resident certificate

One of them
250 yen

 The person and
Same household
Only in the no
 johyo and
 My number,
 It is with resident certificate cord
 We do not come by the ha acquisition 
  • Resident certificate items mentioned certificate
  • Seal Registration Certificate
 Only as for the person  It is Seal Registration in Yokohama-shi
 Only as for the person worked as
  • Copying of tag of family register
 The person and
Only as for the same family register
 In Yokohama-shi only in the one with permanent domicile
  • Family register (all, personal matter) certificate
 One of them
450 yen

* Convenient point of convenience store grant?

It is available from early morning to the middle of the night.

We become able to take advantage even of holiday and the night when ward offices are not open.

  • Use time from 6:30 a.m. to 11:00 p.m.
         (without holiday except 12/29 - 1/3)

 ※ Copying of tag of family register certificate and family register,
      From 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. on weekdays

Fee becomes cheaper from window.

Fee becomes cheaper 50 yen than we acquire at windows such as ward offices.

  • Fee one 250 yen (in the case of window one 300 yen)

 ※ Family register certificate is fee of the same amount when we acquire at window.
    (family register certificate one 450 yen)

As well as the city, it is available at approximately 53,000 stores of the whole country.

We become able to use at the next store. (limited to ※ circle Chicopee airplane setting store)

※ Please refer to this for the details of available store. (external link)

  • Seven-Eleven
  • Lawson
  • FamilyMart
  • Circle K Sunkus

※ There are other available stores in the whole country
  (Save On)

We use multi-copier installed in convenience store.

From application to grant, the person operates multi-copier.
By simple operation by touch panel while we look at guidance screen, entry of application is unnecessary, too.
※ Please refer to this for detailed operation method of multi-copier. (external link)

It is copy and photograph with multi-copier of convenience store
It is copier which no print can play.

 [operation method of circle Chicopee airplane]

* Security measures in convenience store grant

By various security measures, we keep personal information.

Preventive measures against various forgery, manipulation are taken on certificate which we acquired.

 [) that certificate of image (fact of certificate becomes style of municipality designation]

 ※ Please refer to this for the details of preventive measures against forgery, manipulation. (external link)

* Instructions when we use convenience store grant

  • It is only the person having my number card to be available.
  • We cannot take advantage of the day when we received my number card. As the use is enabled from the next day when we received, please be careful.
  • Password when we use is password (four columns) of electronic certificate for user proof.
  • Please be careful when you get a wrong password consecutively three times as you are not available.
  • Repayment, exchange of acquired certificate is not possible.
  • As it takes some time until certificate is printed, we hope that we do not leave the place to receipt of certificate.
  • The handling of certificate corresponding to rule of fee exemption is not possible. Please use ward office and service counter in the city hall.
  • When various reports such as birth and marriage registration form, transfer of address are submitted, please be careful to need a fixed period of time before we reflect on various certificates. Please refer for the details to ward office.
  • Concerning system, we may not issue (cases that person planning transference is included in in case and household of certificate which handwriting postscript needs). Please refer for the details to ward office.

* Press release document

* In addition, (external link)