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Civic Affairs Bureau

Notification of transfer of family register

<handling time at ward office>
■ Reception desk at Family Registry Division Family Registry Section
From Monday to Friday from 8:45 to 17:00 
Second fourth Saturday from 9:00 to 12:00

<instructions in case of report>

When because reference is doing shut agency in notice that inquiry is necessary for other municipalities and other engines, we cannot confirm,
We become treated like caretaker. We perform inquiry some other time on open agency day, the following day and are the acceptance retroactively to day when we accepted if we can confirm,
It is "report day" when day when we submitted notice is listed in family register.

■ The night, holiday reception counter
Time (the night, reception desk overtime at Family Registry Section window including holiday) except the above
In this time, member of duties of the night duty accepts, but as we cannot confirm contents on the spot, we keep and treat.
Day when the staff in charge of family register confirmed contents on open agency day, the following day and became the acceptance retroactively to day when we accepted without defect and submitted notice,
It is "report day" listed in family register.


◎Report, inquiry: Each ward office Family Registry Division

○Notification period



  The head of a family of family register and spouse (when or he dies, one other becomes applicant foreigner one of the head of a family or spouse.)

○Report place

  The location (the address ground) of applicant, current permanent address, new permanent address

○Necessary thing

 ・Notice (I hand in ward office Family Registry Division. In addition, we can have you use paper of other municipalities. When both applicant does not have the next agency, you fill in required items, and applicant signs, and please bring thing which pushed private seal.)

 ・Private seal (the head of a family and spouse, please use separate private seal.) of applicant

 ・It is one of them by all the family register matter certificate (certificate of family register)