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Civic Affairs Bureau

Notice of the address change (moving in the same ward in the city)

■It is procedure when we moved in equivalence ward in Yokohama-shi.

<handling time at ward office>
 ■ Reception desk at Family Registry Division Registration Section window
  From Monday to Friday from 8:45 to 17:00   Second fourth Saturday from 9:00 to 12:00

◎Do you report addresses definitely?

 ◎As for "the address change procedure of my number card, notice card," do not forget on moving either! (Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications flyer)

Notice Procedure using my number card or Basic Resident Register card may take time.

◎Report, inquiry: Each ward office Family Registry Division Registration Section

    We cannot file in city hall, service counter in the city hall.
●Person who moved in equivalence ward
One that we can report
●The person
●Family nurturer or person and member of same household
 One where household is divided into even if he/she lives in equivalence address becomes handling same as proxy/agent.
●Proxy/agent (proxy is necessary. But unnecessary when the person and member of same household report.)
Notification period
●From day when have begun to live in new address less than 14 days (cannot send before moving)
  • When the 14th day is closed days of ward office, open agency day, the following day is the last day of notification period. 
●Ward office Family Registry Division Registration Section of ward to live
Necessary thing
●Identity verification documents (please see this in detail) of one that came to window 
●Notice card (person who does not receive grant of my number card)
●My number card or Basic Resident Register card (person receiving grant)
●Residence card or special permanent resident certificate (foreign inhabitants)
 ※When do not receive grant of special permanent resident certificate, certificate of alien registration before July, 2012
●When proxy/agent is reported, proxy is necessary. ●Including nation health insurance card (one joining)
 (baby/infant Medical Certificate, identification of elderly aged 75 or over medical care person insured, care health insurance card, pension book)
 (it may become necessary for procedure except notice of the change of address)
■With moving, address change of notice card my number card is necessary, too. About procedure, look at the next page in addition.