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Civic Affairs Bureau

Birth registration form 

<handling time at ward office>
■ Reception desk at Family Registry Division Family Registry Section window
From Monday to Friday from 8:45 to 17:00
Second fourth Saturday from 9:00 to 12:00

<instructions in case of report>
When because reference is doing shut agency in notice that inquiry is necessary for other municipalities and other engines, we cannot confirm,
We become treated like caretaker. We perform inquiry some other time on open agency day, the following day and are the acceptance retroactively to day when we accepted if we can confirm,
It is "report day" when day when we submitted notice is listed in family register.

■ The night, holiday reception counter
Time (the night, reception desk overtime at Family Registry Section window including holiday) except the above 
In this time, member of duties of the night duty accepts, but as we cannot confirm contents on the spot, we keep and treat.
The staff in charge of family register confirms contents on open agency day, the following day and is the acceptance retroactively to day when we accepted without defect,
It is "report day" when day when we submitted notice is listed in family register.

■After having listed in resident certificate, we send notice card from the address ground. 


 ◎Report, inquiry: Each ward office Family Registry Division

○Notification period

   Including born day less than 14 days (including day when was born when was born in foreign territory less than three months. In addition, please note as you may lose Japan nationality with birth registration form within this period when you were born in foreign territory when you do not do report of nationality reservation.)

   ※When the 14th day is closed days of ward office, open agency day, the following day is the last day of notification period.


  Father or mother

○Report place

  It is either ward office in permanent address of parents, the location (the address ground), birthplaces of applicant

○Necessary thing

 ・ Notice (in hospital. Birth certificate which doctor or obstetrical teacher filled in the right side of notice with is necessary.)

   As for the mention example, please see this (Ministry of Justice homepage /PDF form) 

 ・ Private seal of applicant 

 ・ Mother and child health handbook (as you cannot fill in proof column on the spot in ward office shut agency, take only mother and child health handbook later in ward office open agency.)

○Letter which is usable in the name of child

  Letter which is usable for the name to child is the Chinese characters commonly used, kanji for names, katakana, hiragana letter.

  Please see this (page of Ministry of Justice) about kanji that we can use.


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