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Civic Affairs Bureau

About seal registration applications

<handling time at ward office> 
From Monday to Friday from 8:45 to 17:00   Second fourth Saturday from 9:00 to 12:00

<instructions in case of application>
When inquiry is necessary for other cities and other engines, therefore, we handle partly, and there may not be.
(available time varies among references.)
In addition, on Saturday, Sundays and holidays, holiday making up for the overlap of holidays on Sunday except the above, we are absent.

 Report, inquiry: Ward office Registration Section  

※We cannot report in Yokohama City Hall and service counter in the city hall.

■Persons that can register seals

It is for one that is not adult ward making resident registration in 15 years old or more in Yokohama-shi.

■Registration method

        Application (PDF: 115KB) of Seal Registration

Seal Registration is important system to protect our property and right. With private seal which the person registers, please file at ward office of ward to live to prevent accident. We register after having confirmed the person by any of the following method. For more details, please refer to ward office Registration Section.

(1) By driver's license, Japan passport, my number card (personal number card), residence card, special permanent resident certificate

When photograph is attached by public office issuance, and the person comes to ward office with driver's license in expiration date with floating appearance press or tally seal, Japan passport, my number card (personal number card), residence card, special permanent resident certificate, we can register on the spot.

(2) Make one doing Seal Registration in the city guarantor

Guarantor whom there is already Seal Registration signs guarantor column of application, and please push registered private seal. If can come over to ward office with this application and private seal to register, we can register on the spot. (person doing Seal Registration in the suburbs can become guarantor, but, in addition, private seal certificate within three months after issuance is necessary as above, too. )

(3) By document inquiry

After having had you submit application, we mail inquiry book to the person. If this inquiry book arrives, bring private seal to register that we can confirm the person including enclosed answer book and health insurance card which pushed private seal which we applied for to ward office.

※(2) Method of (3) can speak application by proxy/agent, but health insurance cards which private seal to register, proxy of person handwriting, private seal, proxy/agent of proxy/agent can confirm are necessary each. (※ proxy sample) (PDF: 16.7KB)

※ But, by method of (2), proxy/agent cannot serve as guarantor.

■Private seal which we can register

Private seal which seal impression is delivered to in 25 mm or less square more than one side of 8mm

■Private seal which we cannot register

※As such a private seal cannot register in Motoichi, please be careful.

※When we register in kanji full name, private seal of popular name, foreign inhabitants has that kanji full name, popular name are listed in resident certificate.

■To take Seal Registration Certificate

    Application (PDF for window) of Seal Registration Certificate
  Mention example (PDF)

※Style of application was changed by revision of the Yokohama-shi private seal regulations enforcement regulations, but, at window of ward office and service counter in the city hall, can use old style for the time being. In addition, please note that there is window setting up old style depending on the stock situation. In addition, we would appreciate your speaking to the window staff when new style is used.

For more details, please give me Seal Registration Certificate nitsuiteogo *.

■Such time

○When we lost private seal and registration document (card) which we registered → Please submit notification of loss to ward office Registration Section immediately.

○When or we came, and damage lost private seal registration document → Please perform exchange grant application in ward office Registration Section.

○When we want to abolish Seal Registration → Please perform abolition application in ward office Registration Section.

○When we moved in the city → Private seal registration document (card) is just usable.

Private seal registration document exchange grant application, private seal registration document loss registration form, Seal Registration abolition application, registration private seal loss registration form (PDF: 102KB)

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