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Civic Affairs Bureau

About ward office window open agency on second fourth Saturday

The open agency date and time

  • Every month second fourth Saturday from 9:00 to 12:00 (when it falls on holiday open agency)

Handling duties



  • There is thing which cannot do the handling partly including duties that inquiry is necessary for other cities and other engines.
  • For more information about handling duties, please ask each ward office directly.


  • Because comparative many people do the next agency at end short notice (from 11:00 to 12:00), you can use more smoothly when you have you avoid this time. For congestion reducing of window, I would like cooperation of all of use.

■List of open agency days 


 MON Saturday open agency day  MON Saturday open agency day
April 14th /28 day October 13th /27 day
May 12th /26 day November 10th /24 day
June 9th /23 day December 8th /22 day
July 14th /28 day January  12th /26 day
August  11th /25 day February 9th /23 day
September 8th /22 day March 9th /23 day