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Civic Affairs Bureau

About public personal identification service


  • [to person having Basic Resident Register card] (2016/9/8)

 Receptionist finished new issuance, update of electronic certificate equipped with by Basic Resident Register card on December 22, 2015. When electronic certificate is used by procedures such as e-Tax as we cannot reissue after the progress on expiration date, please use electron certificate for signature of my number card. As my number card almost takes around one month to receipt after applying, please file having room at time.



Electronic certificate for my number card (personal number card)

We started grant of personal number card (as for the first grant, free) which new electronic certificate was put on normally in January, 2016.

  ⇒It is this about application of personal number card

Electronic certificate for Basic Resident Register card (resident registry card)

New issuance, reissue of electronic certificate for resident registry card was finished on December 22, 2015.
In addition, you can already use about electronic certificate for resident registry card you have until validity.

  ⇒It is this about application (except new issuance, reissue) of electronic certificate for resident registry card

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