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About the grant situation of my number card

 We make my number card in order that accepted application in local public entity information system mechanism (J-LIS). Made card ships "grant letter of advice" (postcard) for person who was ready to hand from each ward office after we were delivered to applicable ward office by J-LIS.

 Trouble of system managing card issuance from the beginning of having application more than 400,000 pieces and system start has continued and had time before grant, but sends "grant letter of advice" (postcard) to which had grant application of card at the time of system start in (until after October, 2015, about May, 2016) until now from each ward office by the end of August, 2016.
 In addition, to person who had application, system operates stability afterwards and is almost the situation shipping "grant letter of advice" (postcard) in one month (and sometimes around two months) from application.

 In addition, about the grant (shipment of "grant letter of advice") situation of my number card, please confirm on homepage (the following link) of ward to live every ward including the number of the application as the situation is different.

 Tsurumi Ward  Kanagawa Ward  Nishi Ward  Naka Ward  Minami Ward  Konan Ward  Hodogaya Ward  Asahi Ward  Isogo Ward
 Kanazawa Ward   Kohoku Ward  Midori Ward  Aoba Ward  Tsuzuki Ward    Izumi Ward    Sakae Ward  Totsuka Ward  Seya Ward

We anticipate my number card grant letter of advice (postcard) shipment completion aim (the whole Yokohama-shi)
 I send "grant letter of advice" (postcard) to person who was ready to hand my number card at ward office, but I anticipate the shipment and am just what of lower table at time.
 It becomes that we gathered possibility at each ward office as the whole Yokohama-shi (making original in June, 2016, December 5 update).
 About possibility of each ward, please confirm with link to upper ward homepage.

 Application month 2015
From October to December
From January to September 
After October
 Grant letter of advice shipment completion
 Aim possibility
Shipped Shipped
It is almost one month from application
(and sometimes around two months)

 ※Depending on future system troubles, time may be delayed. Forgive.

Reference about my number system

Inquiry about grant of notice of 1 card my number card
Ward office Family Registry Division of ward to live

   In ward office Family Registry Division contact information page, please see this.

Inquiry about overall 2 my number systems
  My number synthesis toll free number 0120-95-0178
  ・Weekdays from 9:30 to 20:00

  ・Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays from 9:30 to 17:30 (year-end and New Year from December 29 to January 3 are excluded.)
  ・About temporary suspension by loss or theft of my number card, we accept 24 hours a day, every day.
   Homepage concerned: My number card synthesis site