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Civic Affairs Bureau

Main duties of ward office
 In Yokohama-shi, offer saves high administrative services of citizen satisfaction in area and reflects local characteristics of ward and rearranges ward office organization mechanism partly as needed. Therefore the following table expresses standard mechanism. (Organizational chart of ward office is this
※As for various information that we summarized information necessary for life in Yokohama in, please see "guide of living".
General Affairs Division General Affairs Section General affairs of ward, grant, disaster prevention of the car temporary number, thing left behind in Government building
Budget Adjustment Section Budget, financial statements of ward
Statistics and Elections Section Absentee vote, reading of statistical data, thing about election
Ward Administration Promotion Division Public Relations Section Guidance in Government building, inhabitant of a ward consultation, reception desk of request to municipal administration, various public information, information disclosure, life memorial tree
Planning and Adjustment Section Plan, progress management of main business in ward, general adjustment of office work business in ward
Public Relations Section Consultation, adjustment of imminent town development, communication adjustment with engineering works office
Planning and Adjustment Section The making of network of collaboration, the making of system to perform local support, the making of structure of cooperation in agency
Regional Promotion Division
Person in charge of local action Neighborhood Association, Neighborhood Associations, Traffic Safety Campaign, the setting furtherance of crime prevention light
Lifelong Learning Support Section Consultation of lifelong learning, local culture promotion, sports promotion of inhabitant of a ward, young upbringing, cooperation with area, school, promotion of use of school
Ward Facilities Subdivision Administration and management of use of inhabitant of a ward facility
Resources Reuse Promotion Promotion of 3R dream (slim), beautification of town
Family Registry Division (family register) Birth, the marriage, death report, all the family register matter certificate (certified copy), personal matter certificate (abridgment), fire burial permission
(registration) Transference, notice of the change of address, resident certificate, Seal Registration, elementary and junior high school transference studies
Tax Division (municipal tax) Report of individual, corporation municipal tax, taxation, income proof, registration, junk car of motorcycle (125cc or less)
(land) Evaluation proof, evaluation, taxation of land (property tax and urban planning tax)
(house) Evaluation, taxation of house (property tax and urban planning tax)
(the tax payment) Tax payment proof, payment, fund transfer of city tax
(storing) Payment, disposition for failure to pay taxes of nonpayment city tax
Ward's Treasurer's Office Accounting Section Income, expenditure of public money
Health and Welfare Division Administration Planning Section Operational managements such as local welfare officer, children's committee, community-based welfare health planning development, community care plaza
Health Promotion Section Vaccinations, cancer screening, dentistry health, health consultation, nutrition improvement, member of health practice promotion
Health Sanitation Division Food Sanitation Section Business application such as restaurants, the food poisoning prevention, license application such as doctor, nurse, dietician, cook, application of medical institution, drugstore drugstore
Environmental Sanitation Section Law of nature beauty, cleaning, inn, hotel, extermination consultation of application, mouse and pests such as bathhouses, registration of antirabic house dog, breeding consultation of dog cat
Elderly and Disabled Support Division Elderly and Disabled Support Section Welfare health service of elderly person, respect for the old special identification of ride, golden age club, welfare of persons with disabilities service, various people with a disability allowance
Children and Families Support Division Children and Families Support Section Child care support task, child with a disability welfare service, maternity record book, Child Allowance, infants medical examination, the mother and the child, the father and son widow welfare
Life support section Person in charge of office work Payment of protection costs, application of war dead bereaved protection special benefit
Life support person in charge Consultation, decision of social security, life poor independence support project
Insurance and Pension Division National Pension Plan Section Participation, withdrawal of National Pension Plan (Kokumin Nenkin)
National Health Insurance Section Procedure, geriatric medicine, high medical costs, Subsidies for Medical Expenses for Pediatric Treatment of National Health Insurance, The Long-term Care Insurance
  Administration Section Private use permission of way waterway, act permission such as jurisdiction parks
Road Section Maintenance, repair of road, roadside tree
Sewage and Park Section Maintenance, redevelopment of the sewer, river, maintenance of imminent park, park protection society
The regulations, rule concerned
The Yokohama-shi ward office office work division of duties regulations

Rule about general administrative promotion in ward

Yokohama-shi ward office office work division of duties rule

Person in charge of Yokohama-shi ward office setting official regulations

Director General commission rule

About establishment of approval regulation about Director General entrusted affairs

Director General meeting official regulations  

Yokohama-shi public health center and the Health and Welfare Center regulations

Yokohama-shi public health center and the Health and Welfare Center regulations enforcement regulations

Yokohama-shi Health and Welfare Center long commission rule

About establishment of approval regulation about Health and Welfare Center long entrusted affairs

Yokohama-shi engineering works office official regulations

Yokohama-shi engineering works office work director commission rule