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Civic Affairs Bureau

Ward communication adjustment section

We perform general adjustment with city 18 ward office in ward communication adjustment section.

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News from ward communication adjustment section

Business content of ward communication adjustment section

Person in charge of ward adjustment

General adjustment about the administration of a ward

  • General plan of important measure about the administration of a ward and adjustment, adjustment of each station measure
  • Reinforcement of function about the administration of a ward
  • Adjustment of personnel affairs, organization of ward office and document
  • Director General meetings
  • Vicariate of ward office
  • Communication adjustment of office work business about the administration of a ward

Person in charge of ward budget

Budget, financial statements adjustment of ward office

  • Adjustment of budget, financial statements of ward office
  • Adjustment of making of a certain unit-related ward promotion costs
  • Ward suggestion reflection system

Work, budget of ward

18 wards of step 

  As for the roles of ward office supporting area in 2008, it is examination round-table conference

18 wards of introductions 

 With city limits expansion, population growth while city develops, administrative structure of city becomes complicated, and duties are specialized, too. As a result, the situation such as distance with citizen's all of you and city hall going far occurs.
 Designated city including Yokohama-shi separates area in the city in consideration of spheres of life and establishes ward (administrative section) to avoid such a thing, and long (Director General) of office (ward office) of ward conducts affairs in conjunction with closeness to citizen's.
 In this way, in big city that became wide area, we promote close administration depending on each local fact.

Isogo Ward
Kanagawa Ward
Kanazawa Ward
Konan Ward
    Figure of 18 wards Aoba Ward Tsuzuki Ward   Kohoku Ward Tsurumi Ward Midori Ward Kanagawa Ward Seya Ward Asahi Ward Hodogaya Ward Nishi Ward Izumi Ward Minami Ward Naka Ward Totsuka Ward Konan Ward Isogo Ward Sakae Ward Kanazawa Ward
        Link to homepage of each ward office establishment
Aoba Ward government office Asahi Ward government office Izumi Ward government office Isogo Ward government office Kanagawa Ward government office Kanazawa Ward government office
Konan Ward government office Kohoku Ward government office Sakae Ward government office Seya Ward government office Tsuzuki Ward   government office Tsurumi Ward government office
Totsuka Ward government office Naka Ward Office Nishi Ward Office Hodogaya Ward government office Midori Ward government office Minami Ward government office
          Guidance> of <ward office window reception hours 

From holiday, holiday, December 29 from 8:45 a.m. of Monday through Friday except January 3 to 5:00 p.m. (about Saturday open agency page) of this (Counter Service Division)

※We would like inquiry to ward office from "link to homepage of each ward office establishment" mentioned above point.
Seya Ward
Tsurumi Ward
Totsuka Ward
 Naka Ward
    Naka Ward

Nishi Ward
Hodogaya Ward
Midori Ward
Minami Ward


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