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TV radio of Yokohama is interesting!

Yokohama-shi public information TV program Hama navigator 

 "Guide dog" to play an active part in Yokohama on December 9
  Sato who hears story toward the guide dog user
 The sexagenary cycle of the next year is inu. Dog lived as human good partner together from ancient times.
 From such a dog, we introduce work of guide dog this time.
 We visit training center of guide dog in Kohoku Ward and learn about work of guide dog concretely.
 In addition, in volunteer "puppy walker" keeping puppy of guide dog candidate for a certain period of time,
 We hear thought to activity.
 Appear in town with user; and thought to life and guide dog with guide dog,
 We interview that we want general person to understand.
 Sato who learns work of guide dog Sato who hears story about training of guide dog in training center

AirdateFuture broadcast plan
December 16 Great company of unknown Yokohama
December 23 Hama navigator 2017
December 30 Broadcast stop
January 6 New Year special program rebroadcast
January 13 U.K. and Yokohama
※We may change broadcast content.


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Television Kanagawa
Hama navigator
Every Saturday from 18:00 to 18:30
tvk (Television Kanagawa) 3ch
We navigate Mana biYokohama in Yokohama!

FM Yokohama logo
Every Sunday from 9:30 to 10:00
FM yokohama 84.7mHz
Charm of Yokohama with music!

Nippon Broadcasting System
Welcome it is Yokohama
Every Friday from 10:47 to 10:52
Nippon Broadcasting System 1242kHz
Wide FM 93.0MHz
The mayor sends seasonal Yokohama!

Radio Japan
It is Yokohama relievedly
Every week Thursday and Friday from 16:30 to 16:35
Radio Japan 1422kHz
We report from the spot of Hama!

Munhwa TV-Radio Broadcasting Corp.
Yokohama style - Hamas tile ...
Every Saturday from 5:10 to 5:20
Munhwa TV-Radio Broadcasting Corp. 1134kHz
Wide FM 91.6MHz
The mayor introduces charm of Yokohama!