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Public information yokohama July, 2018 issue

"Public information yokohama" is issuance every month for one day. We distribute to each household in Yokohama-shi through Neighborhood Association Neighborhood Associations every month by 10th. When it does not arrive, please contact the Civic Affairs Bureau public relations section (in the contact information, following). In addition, please use PR boxes installed in station (except a part) in Yokohama-shi, ward office Public Relations Section, service counter in the city hall, city hall citizen information center, sports center.

About open data (the use of text data) of public information yokohama shiban

We offer public information yokohama shiban text data after October, 2016 issue CCBY4.0under creative Commons indication 4.0 international (CC-BY 4.0).
Only for text data, we admit the second use such as reproduction, copy, redistribution, modification subject to indication of the source.
The source copies the following, and please use ※●You input applicable time into this, and you link to source former page, and please set.
 The source: Yokohama-shi "public information yokohama Heisei ● age ● month issue"


  • Public information yokohama shiban data (PDF, HTML file) except text data are not open data.
  • Text data before September, 2016 issue are not open data.
  • When we confirm the use beyond permission range and the inappropriate use more than purposes of dispatch, community of information, we prohibit the use.
  • Because collect inflection examples of open data, and want to be cool for future measure, on the use of right or wrong, hindrance as far as there is not, Yokohama-shi Public Affairs Division e-mail addresssh-koyoko@city.yokohama.jpWe would appreciate your letting know to).


Latest issue July, 2018 issue (NO.833/7 one day a month issuance)

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News from the public relations section

Mail delivery service

We send content of "public information yokohama" shiban by email. If you like, please register from page of mail delivery service.

It is for Braille version, recording

We mail Daisy version of Braille version, Daisy version, recording version for city, each ward version, recording version to person that sight is defective. If you like, please inform of address, full name, phone number, thing to hope for to the Civic Affairs Bureau public relations section (in the contact information, following).