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The quarterly magazine "Yokohama" latest issue

Yokohama where town coexists with port, and there is exoticism.
Miss slightly while being urbane; Yokohama full of human touch.
It is collaboration editing magazine () to introduce area, culture, various charm including people to now with history of such Yokohama.
We aim at o which "did not know such Yokohama!" of reader.

() Kanagawa newspaper publisher and Yokohama-shi edit quarterly magazine "Yokohama" by collaboration.

Latest issue autumn of 2017 issue (58 /10 six days a month issuance)

Photograph: 58 covers

Special feature: "Sotetsu Line, new charm"
Sotetsu Line which reaches 100 years in this year. We look back on trace of 100 years and sneak into the transportation spot of new vehicle and the construction spot of JR, Tokyu direct communication line and investigate new charm of Sotetsu Line which we continue challenging for the future.
It is in contents to be able to enjoy other than plan to chase change and "mystery" along the line, Sotetsu fan including introduction of "delicious" shop of each station of town to look at in station building!

Serialization article, topics
・Memory of town: Sasage, Kounan-ku
・Of Ogino Anna "shopping district is interesting": 1,000-maru stand Store Association (Hodogaya Ward)
・miraihehabatake! Company of Hama: jienekusuto (Kohoku Ward) 

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  610 yen (tax-included)

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  • City prefecture bookstore and main bookstores in Tokyo
  • Yokohama-shi publication service corner (city hall the first floor citizen information center)
  • Sotetsu Line stand others
  • ※Apply for resident one as follows any place other than the metropolitan area.
    • Yokohama-shi publication service corner
    •  〒231-0017 1-1, Minatocho, Naka-ku, Yokohama-shi TEL: 045-671-3600
    • Mount Fuji magazine service(online bookstore of magazine) 

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