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The quarterly magazine "Yokohama" latest issue

It is collaboration editing magazine () to introduce area, culture, various charm including people to now with history of Yokohama. We aim at o which "did not know such Yokohama!" of reader.
() Kanagawa newspaper publisher and Yokohama-shi edit quarterly magazine "Yokohama" by collaboration.

Latest issue 2019 New Year issue (63 /2019 one a year nine days a month issuance)

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Special feature: "ra ♪ and others ♪ and others ♪ Kohoku new subdivision"
 Kohoku new subdivision which advocated "town development by inhabitants participation" in basic principles, and was developed "creation of urban agriculture" "defense from revolt development."
 With story of people knowing development those days, we introduce charm of Kohoku new subdivision where multi-generation lives in lively every area.

Serialization article, topics
○Memory of town: Orimotocho, Tsuzuki-ku
○The secret metaru history of Yokohama: Why is Chinatown in Yokohama?
○miraihehabatake! Company of Hama: Three high (Tsuzuki Ward  )
○Yokohama Port story: Harbor loading and unloading company and worker of about 1960 when movie draws
○Mayor talk: Guest Kaori Muraji (guitarist) 

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