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Civic Affairs Bureau

◆◆"Suggestion from citizen"◆◆

Suggestion to Yokohama municipal administration, please have opinions. We send contribution that you sent to department in charge of from ward office of ward to live and reflect in municipal administration.

Summary of "suggestion from citizen"

As a general rule, suggestion that we had replies about opinions within 14 days from the next day of acceptance day.

In addition, in the case of document, it should be answer with shipment. In addition, we contact so when we need time for answer.

※When there is not mention of information necessary for replies of the name or address, please note that you cannot reply.

※We cannot accept about next.

The handling of personal information

Suggestion that had you approach compiles contents and personal information such as opinions into a database for a certain period of time and accumulates. We manage data which accumulated according to rule of "the regulations about protection of Yokohama-shi personal information" appropriately.

In addition, we use personal information only in department concerned and do not use other than the purpose to carry out "civic voice" business.

※What are the regulations about protection of Yokohama-shi personal information?

Publication of "civic voice"

About thing which we replied by "document" or "E-mail", suggestion makes a reply of point and Yokohama-shi such as opinions on city homepage (the correspondence situation) and, among "suggestion from citizen that had you approach from citizen's all of you," places.

※Page of publication of "civic voice" is this place

Publication of this "civic voice" performs suggestion that had you approach to tell about way of thinking (answer) of Motoichi for opinions widely.
On publication, we do the following handling.

  • Contents such as opinions considered personal information suggestion that had you approach, and we summarize, and Yokohama-shi publishes. 
  • Suggestion does not answer published opinion whose thing it is.
  • As a general rule, publication period is one year.

In addition, we do not publish when we correspond next.

  • Authorized individual is distinguished by the contribution point and answer 
  • There was proposal of not wanting you to announce from one that you posted
  • Contribution of the having similar tastes effect is sent repeatedly from one that we posted and has already placed the answer
  • Contribution of the having similar tastes effect is sent repeatedly from one that you posted and cannot understand to citizen's who looks at homepage if there is not past process

About contribution form

"Suggestion from citizen" contribution form uses Yokohama-shi electron application, report service.

Depending on terminal of the use, please access the next contribution form.

※1  After accessing contribution form, about screen change, please go with button displayed in each screen. Please do not use not to have possibilities to work definitely when "coming back" of browser is "advancing" button (button of arrow in leaning to the left of browser) and "update" button and operates.
※2  It becomes time-out for security protection after opening screen of contribution form when over 60 minutes. As input content becomes invalid, please input within 60 minutes.
Contribution form for PCForm to post business such as smartphones on
(iPhone, iPad, Android)
Contribution form for cell-phone

Depending on terminal of the use, contribution form may not be available. About necessary movement environment, please confirm in page of "movement environment".

In addition, about maintenance information of Yokohama-shi electron application, report service, please confirm in top page of Yokohama-shi electron application, report service.

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Public hearing Q&A

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