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Civic Affairs Bureau

◆◆"Suggestion from citizen"◆◆

Please send opinion to Yokohama municipal administration or request. We send contribution that you sent to to department in charge of from ward office of ward to live and reflect in municipal administration.

Summary of "suggestion from citizen"

As a general rule, about opinion or request that we had, we reply within 14 days from the next day on acceptance day.

In addition, in the case of document, it should be answer with shipment. In addition, we contact so when we need time for answer.

※If acceptance day is letter and contribution form, it is arrival sunlight on reception day if it is E-mail and FAX. But, as a general rule, open agency day, the following day accepts arrival or thing which we received on arrival or thing which we received and closed days after 4:00 p.m. on open agency day, and it is on day.

    ※When there is not mention of information necessary for replies of the name or address, please note that you cannot reply.

※We cannot accept about next.

The handling of personal information

 We manage personal information such as contents, full name, address, phone numbers such as opinions that we had and e-mail address according to rule of "the regulations about protection of Yokohama-shi personal information" appropriately. In addition, we use only for purpose to reply the duties concerned referring to in department having jurisdiction over contents such as opinions and ward station concerned, opinion.

In addition, about Motoichi opinions out of the jurisdiction, we may tell outside engine after having considered personal information.

※What are the regulations about protection of Yokohama-shi personal information?

Publication of "civic voice"

Among "suggestion from citizen that had you approach from citizen's all of you," we publish the points such as opinion or suggestion and answer (the correspondence situation) of Yokohama-shi about thing which we replied by "document" or "E-mail" on city homepage.

Page of publication of "civic voice"

We perform publication of this "civic voice" to tell about opinion and way of thinking (answer) of Motoichi for requests that had you approach widely.
On publication, we do the following handling.

  • Yokohama-shi summarizes opinion and contents such as requests which had you approach and publishes.
  • We publish the points such as opinion or request and answer of Yokohama-shi for it after having noted personal information enough. 
  • We do not answer whose things published opinion or request are.
  • As a general rule, publication period is one year.

In addition, we do not publish when we correspond next.

  • Authorized individual is distinguished by the contribution point and answer 
  • There was proposal of not wanting you to announce from one that you posted
  • Contribution of the having similar tastes effect is sent repeatedly from one that we posted and has already placed the answer
  • Contribution of the having similar tastes effect is sent repeatedly from one that you posted and cannot understand to citizen's who looks at homepage if there is not past process

※Web page of page of publication of "civic voice" for accessibility

About contribution form

"Suggestion from citizen" contribution form uses Yokohama-shi electron application, report service.

Depending on terminal of the use, please access the next contribution form.

※1  After accessing contribution form, about screen change, please go with button displayed in each screen. Please do not use not to have possibilities to work definitely when "coming back" of browser is "advancing" button (button of arrow in leaning to the left of browser) and "update" button and operates.
※2  It becomes time-out for security protection after opening screen of contribution form when over 60 minutes. As input content becomes invalid, please input within 60 minutes.
※3  We register attached file and can post only contribution form for PC. (only as for one attached file that we can register as for the file format only as for Word, PDF, the image as for the file size to 10MB)
 When there are multiple files and cannot register, please use following "other contribution methods".
※4  We change coding communication protocol for the purpose of reinforcement of security measures in electronic application service on Thursday, March 29, 2018. After this, the use of electronic application service from some terminals of cell-phone (feature fonds) and smartphone is limited. For more details, please refer to this.
Contribution form for PCForm to post business such as smartphones on
(iPhone, iPad, Android)

Depending on terminal of the use, contribution form may not be available. About necessary movement environment, please confirm in page of "movement environment".

In addition, about maintenance information of Yokohama-shi electron application, report service, please confirm in top page of Yokohama-shi electron application, report service.


Other contribution methods

Public hearing Q&A

We answer various questions about public hearing here.