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Civic Affairs Bureau

"Tea meeting ..., welcome ... to mayor room" lottery result (for 30 second half of the year holding)

"Tea meeting ..., welcome ... invites group, group which open call for participants, lottery determined to mayor room to mayor room", and is business that exchanges opinions casually while drinking the mayor and tea.
As we perform lottery on August 10, 2018, and participation group was decided, we will tell.
Cut of tea
◆The number of the application groups◆


◆Decision group (two groups)◆

Theme of talksGroup nameSummary (self-introduction) of groupConduct schedule
Healthy / medical care Company de Company pink ribbon Chatty mutual self-help group of breast cancer enlightenment, cancer experient family who gathered led by mother in Yokohama-shi when we wanted to support woman's way of life 11/27
Local action Member of Naka Ward consumer life promotion Kannai, *ji, Uchikoshi, Ishikawa-machi district Holding of civic security, enlightenment course for reliable life and group which sees, and is doing activities such as defense 2/12

◆Conduct schedule◆

 It is decided after adjustment sequentially in schedule. After the decision, we will tell on this homepage.

◆Filling a vacancy group (two groups)◆

Theme of talksGroup nameSummary (self-introduction) of group     Conduct schedule
Child care Rise more; learning open space Group where learning support of children mainly on the elementary school upper grades and place to stay playing games together make  
Garbage / recycling ikuminzu 3R dream beautiful woman Group of mom and children who produce musical that featured the theme of child care and garbage separation in housewife glance, and give a performance  

 When decision group cannot carry out, filling a vacancy group will inform.
 In addition, filling a vacancy group drinks for offer this time, and they shall remain in effect.

 Photograph 1 of lottery 

We number groups which had you apply and put number ticket in the box and draw lots.

 Photograph 2 of lottery

We had number ticket go down toward the municipal administration reporter.

We return to public hearing business of Yokohama-shi