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Civic Affairs Bureau

[offer] "Tea meeting ..., welcome of mayor room ..." 2017 raise participation groups!

 Cut of tea

Of "tea meeting ... welcome mayor room ..." to carry out in 2017 three groups raise participation groups.

You are stirred up, and please apply.


Purpose "Tea meeting ... welcome mayor room ..." of the mayor and citizen have citizen's feel municipal administration closer by all of you exchanging opinions about theme about municipal administration of Yokohama, and the mayor calls in various "citizen's voices" about municipal administration directly; of future municipal administration administration perform to refer to.
Meeting place Mayor of Yokohama City Hall the second floor room
(the JR Negishi Line "Kannai Station" south exit, municipal subway "Kannai Station" getting off)
Schedule We plan between from December, 2017 to March, 2018
Around one hour of the weekdays afternoon
※After participation group decision, we hold after adjustment sequentially in schedule.
Object ○ It is (we remove junior high student) 15 years old or older
○ City residence or working, attendance at school (even if not all the groups possible)
○ Applicable one, group cannot participate next.
・One, group which participated in meeting after January, 2013
・Group (in the group which consisted of plural families, possible) of family unit
・Do activity against public order and morals; group with the or fear
・Other meetings admitted that it is against purpose and group
・Yokohama City Council member of the Diet and the Yokohama-shi staff
Offer period From Friday, September 29, 2017 to Tuesday, October 31, 2017 [must arrive]
Application method You win Civic Affairs Bureau public hearing consultation section, and send the following required items to application form, E-mail or paper after mention (you do not perform acceptance over telephone). In addition, application, please be careful in being once in one group.

Required items
      • Group name
      • Profile of group
      • Full name (apply by all means in group of 5-10 people) of person planning participation
      • Contact information of representative
        (zip code, address, phone number, FAX, e-mail address that is available for communication in the daytime)
      • Public information medium which led to offer
        (public information yokohama, homepage, handbill)
      • Theme (please choose one from 1-16 of theme table.that you want to talk about Please talk about theme that you chose)
      • Concrete content (less than 200 characters. At the present we think and are good)
Theme table
1 child care 2 education 3 economy / industry
4 elderly welfare 5 culture 6 obstacle welfare
7 sports 8 environmental conservation / green 9 international /IT
10 anti-crime program / disaster prevention 11 local actions 12 sightseeing / city sales
13 traffic / roads 14 garbage / recycling 15 health / medical care
16 harbor / rivers    
※There are no city maintenance / town development, offer of human rights / gender equality this time.

      ※Exchange of opinions about municipal administration it is decided (thing for the purpose of politics, religion, profit is excluded). In addition, I decline slander for matter and specific individual litigating in trial to assume city the person concerned or group or slander.

      ※We manage personal information that told appropriately and do not use other than the conduct purpose of tea meeting.
    Decision methods of participation group ○In the case of majority, application group performs lottery by municipal administration reporter.
    ○On various themes draw lots to be able to exchange opinions so that the same theme does not repeat.
    ○We contact representative by the middle of November and, in group which participation decided, make arrangements separately about on the dates.
    Others ○Entrance fee is free.
    ○Childcare is available about preschool child at one time.
    ○In the case of application, sign-language interpreters needing consideration, please report.
    Reference City of Yokohama, Civic Affairs Bureau public hearing consultation section
     Telephone: 045-671-2333
     FAX: 045-212-0911
     E-mail: kouchou3@city.yokohama.jp

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