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"Tea meeting ..., welcome summary held to mayor room in ..." 2018 in the first

The 2018 first
"Welcome it is ... summary tea meeting ... to mayor room"
For children who carry all the future!
We talked under the theme of "imagination 1,000 years after town and mall"

1 attendance group
FM Kamihoshikawa

2 date and time
Tuesday, April 10, 2018 from 15:30 to 16:30

3 groups summary
The young person concerned of Kamihoshikawa Store Association (Hodogaya Ward) plays a key role and, for the purpose of "thinking about the future of children, and tying mall and area", performs community development based in mall.

 Role of mall
◆Mall is thinking greetings to be place that can perform education to form main morality, personality naturally for children.
 Child strongly feels that we grow up while there is person of various viewpoints including school and area as well as parent.
◆Because people using decreased as for the current situation of mall, vacant stores increase. Land is sold and may become apartment and parking lot. Then role of anti-crime program that shop of mall went fades.
◆It is considered as factor that user decreases that storekeeper of branch and mall of large commercial facilities is hard to go child care generation for shopping for age. We call in storekeepers in their 40s at mall 30 generations to solve problem and think that it is necessary to have you adapt yourself to.
   Content that we worked on
◆At first we began with activity to attract baker at mall of Kamihoshikawa where there was not bakery. After carrying out seal questionnaire "is glad if there was "good baker" in Kamihoshikawa?" with recruiting bakers who opened a store, seal of approximately 1,000 pieces was put in three weeks.      
◆We thought that we could do it as storekeeper of mall during period before opening bakery in this April. Story was approached with by Sakamoto Elementary School of neighborhood and we devised cloverleaf bread which put four heart called "bond bread" together with student to heap up mall and commercialized then.
◆We effectively utilize Rooftop Plaza which we maintained in Yokohama citizen town building business and are made up mainly of mall and want to run Rooftop Plaza in future so that it is in place sending charm of mall to. 
◆As specialist in care, we performed dementia supporter training course. As a result, storekeeper of mall has actually protected one thought to be dementia. In this way, we want to be active to become mall where dementia and advanced age are easy to go to for shopping. 
  Connection with Tennocho mall, Wadamachi mall
      ◆When we share vision each at mall, and it embody even a little, we hold various events together. In flea market to carry out at Tennocho mall, store of Kamihoshikawa is going to open a store this time.
◆FM Kamihoshikawa cooperates with "slippers table tennis championship" that young group plays a key role of Wadamachi mall, too. "Slippers table tennis" uses slippers in substitution for racket. Meeting is held at mall, and it was holding with five wards last year, but we perform with all 18 wards of cities this year, and higher than 500 are to participate.
◆By questionnaire of meeting, opinion to "want to come again" got which "we did new discovery" about mall. In addition, we have medium and small-sized business cooperate, and it is opportunity to have you know company.
◆When, in such a form, mall of throughout Yokohama-shi is activated, local mall; see, and function as defense, and is really reliable safely; think that can wait.
  Cooperation with Sakamoto Elementary School
◆Thought was for a limited time and, in last year, sold curry using vegetables of Hodogaya Ward product with student of Sakamoto Elementary School at super public bath of Kamihoshikawa mall. We are glad at all in having felt for joy in being able to provide thing which children of the present times when thing and information overflow thought about by oneself to person.
◆Besides, we developed original bath powder using local fruit and actually used on business day of public bath. We performed facility visit and cleaning experience, manner learning using closed days to understand what customer was pleased with in process to push forward development.
 We think that we want many children to do such an experience, and other shops of mall participate let alone public bath in this summer, too and want to make opportunity of complex occupation experience with the whole area.
◆Various people are connected to children and realize that town moves and they can imagine the splendid waiting future and are really fun.   
◆We are thinking that it is our mission to continue making what we can experience because there is mall. In addition, ourselves bring morality in the body to tell children and improve personality and must grow up to adult who can provide charm. Therefore we hold regular meeting once a month and always learn.
◆We want to make mall promotion model called "emigration" to live in work, town at mall.
◆We think that there is role that each one must do. Each person finds this role and thinks that you should make up environment accomplishing in town. We think that it is mall to be easy to make the environment.
 We think that we can push forward in unison while having each group and administrative help.
 Comment of the mayor

◆We think that mall promotion is really important. We had you say, and answer "why does mall promotion need?" that I thought about was impressed with very much.
 In late years attenuation of local community is demanded, but I am thinking that thing that children are brought up in area and mall is big very much. In addition, local; it is thing only by shopping district that see, and there is defense with nature, and can see figure which repeats age while sharing the life in the same area. Because human essence changes basically in no times, we think that it is not exaggerated thing that all of you featured the theme of ahead today for 1,000 years.
 It is that young mainly on 30 generations acts for person with all these thought today that we meet all of you, and thought that we are really glad. Let alone baker wanting seal questionnaire of bakery invitation, there was love for your assiduity, too, and seals of such number might gather.
 In meaning to continue living in area, your activity is ideal form that we create, and the future is a pleasure as me very. We would appreciate your playing an active part from now on by all means.
 Thank you today.


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