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"Tea meeting ..., welcome summary held to mayor room in ..." 2016 in the ninth

"Welcome it is ... summary tea meeting ... to mayor room" the ninth in 2016
To join charm of Tsuzuki together to the next generation!
We talked under the theme of "charm, water of Tsuzuki and green maintenance, utilization"

1 attendance group
Tsuzuki charm up meeting

2 date and time
Tuesday, March 13, 2017 from 15:15 to 16:15

3 groups summary
After "Tsuzuki water and green attractive up meeting that started in 2003," we are active for raising charm of Tsuzuki Ward  .
We work hard at various approaches for development of town with inhabitant of a ward and inhabitants tissue, administration.

 We pass more than ten years and try for water of Tsuzuki Ward   and green maintenance activity
◆We are active for "town development that water and green improve charm of rich Tsuzuki Ward  , and heart with moisture goes".
 For suggestion for green maintenance and better town development, we hold monthly ordinary assembly and work on intelligence and problem setting, field work.
 In addition, we held two times of panel discussions to share with local one about green tract of land and the current situation and problem of city park.
 Green walk which anyone can enjoy is attractive one of the Tsuzuki Ward  
◆Because car is separated with walker as for the city park of Tsuzuki Ward   for 15 kilometers of total extension, we can walk, and it is relaxing in place where heart feels at ease in murmuring and beautiful bamboo forest.
 We want to convey charm of city park to many people more recently as many people become visited place from outside of a ward.

◆We give a lecture on charm of city park in dementia cafe so far and advanced age gathers every month on fourth Saturday and walks city park and works hard at approach having you enjoy charm of city park.
◆In last autumn, we took a walk through one and city park with impaired eyes and had you touch native rock and soil and we had we opened both hands, and cherry tree and tree of maple touch and did. We could have you enjoy call of bird and the murmuring of river, flavor of nature and were glad at all of having had you please from participant saying it "was good to have you guide so splendid place.".
 For town development of attractive up and inhabitants participation of further Tsuzuki Ward  
◆It is forbidden riding bicycle in city park, but is not readily recognized widely. Therefore approach to publish ride prohibition poster of bicycle which primary schoolchild in ward made in local supermarkets was done. As it is voluntary good approach that child can participate in, we have you open more, and it should be possible for approach to enlighten manner improvement to protector.

◆In examination of redevelopment plan of green walk stimulating preparations from 2017, local inspection fair and discussion meeting by inhabitants and administration come to be established and feel that town development of inhabitants participation advances.
  We maintain necessary point as needed, but we devise maintenance plan that fixed its eyes on point of the whole city park and want to improve charm of Tsuzuki Ward   more in future now by establishing unified concept.

◆We launch committee where inhabitants can suggest the basis of original plan of maintenance plan to before administration makes original plan of maintenance plan by maintenance of city park and think that you would like to push forward town development that drew various thoughts of inhabitants up.
 In addition, for maintenance of cycletrack, we adopt "bicycle utilization promotion bill" of country for Tsuzuki Ward   plan, and Exploratory Committee of Tsuzuki Ward   plan by inhabitants should be set up.

◆We inherit town development that inhabitants and administration, organization by expert repeated so far and expect that town development of inhabitants participation advances so that the next generation can succeed attractive resources of Tsuzuki Ward   for a long time.

 Comment of the mayor

◆I have walked green walk of Tsuzuki Ward  , too and am place with contemplation.
 Urbanization advances, and city park is followed while there are many lost things and thinks that it is like miracle that there is place doing beautiful nature and contact, heart wealthily.
 We think that attractive resources are maintained beautifully simply because all of you pass for the cause, a long time of thought only in the spot and have you make an effort for green maintenance. We thank heartily.
 When we thought what charm of Yokohama-shi is, we remember port and the suburbs. Port has charms such as sacred place of Western civilization, and the suburbs have charms such as the murmuring of cry, river of nature and wild bird which are full of green.
 Commencing with local power, private power is necessary to protect these charm resources. In Yokohama-shi, we push forward Yokohama green up plan using Yokohama green tax and, through thinning experiences of way will forest at the head of a river, have you enjoy nature toward the company and have support for green maintenance cooperate.
 We asked about your talk and I should do what or was made to think some other time to tie attractive resources for a long time by the next generation.
 Thank you today.


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