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"Tea meeting ..., welcome summary held to mayor room in ..." 2017 in the second

"Welcome it is ... summary tea meeting ... to mayor room" the second in 2017
We study from different angles to make town of Yokohama better!
We talked under the theme of "Yokohama town walk of person who loved Yokohama"

1 attendance group
Person who loves Yokohama

2 date and time
Monday, October 23, 2017 from 15:30 to 16:30

3 groups summary
Individuals who are active saying "we will make town of Yokohama, Kanagawa better" gather for each through the Internet and they wait for exchange of opinions about town development and event participation and are doing walk.

 We are doing exchange of opinions and town walk in purpose to want to make town better
◆We are active in 36 members with thought to "make town of Yokohama, Kanagawa better". Each person usually performs various activities including disaster prevention and welfare relations and we gather regularly and exchange opinions in things about contents and town development and take form to take it to go in again own activity place, and to keep alive for activity.
◆Work and places of residence are scattered, too, and member is so many men, so many minds. Such individuals gather through the Internet and think that it is good place of our meeting that can talk about Yokohama in multidirectional viewpoint.
◆Not only we exchange opinions, but also participate in event held in Yokohama such as national urban greening yokohama fair or cherry blossom viewing in great Okagawa and actually walk town.
 We inspected about littering of garbage
◆We took a picture by member each person and each brought and inspected to analyze about littering of garbage what kind of place garbage was thrown away in. As a result, there were many comings and goings of person including the back of car which stopped at the grass and parking lot, and it was revealed that there was much garbage in shade. There is place where neighborhood cleans by volunteer.
◆In Miurakaigan, we perform "clean pick" as event of garbage picking. We gathered the support from company to have you participate in youth who had low participation in cleaning activity rate for sports sense, and many youths participated at the last meeting. Youth generation has many people who cannot understand garbage separation, but can learn garbage separation and disposal methods through event.
 We explore to tie local vegetables with the shopping weak and empty house
◆Approximately 1,000 households become the shopping weak with closing of commercial facilities in Iijima housing complex of Sakae Ward.
 In addition, there is farm where person with a disability engages in in the same Sakae Ward, but it may not be business purpose, and we cannot circulate with fixed quantity, and it is difficult sale, and vegetables may remain.
 We started project in women in ward to do activity to tie local vegetables to with this shopping weak.
◆We think that you should be able to sell vegetables using moving sale cars to be able to buy local vegetables in Sakae Ward and the whole Yokohama-shi casually. We do not merely sell vegetables and, with atmosphere that is stylish to improve brand of Yokohama vegetables, we only see, and communication is like bounding and wants to do.
◆If there is farmland in place near city, people living for fresh, delicious vegetables in city can eat. We smash farmland and do not make shop and house and may be effectively utilized resources if we utilize empty house in the city.
 About future activity
◆We exchange opinions from various points of view and will study from now on. In addition, we are doing approach for individual phenomena now, but feel that there is original society problem. In our meeting, we think some sustainable service whether it is not thought.
 Comment of the mayor


◆By contents called town walk of person loving Yokohama, we appreciate your right talking about all of you having become aware concretely.
 Beautification of town leads to popularity of Yokohama; is very important. We appoint 26 places including place that tourist visits well in beautification promotion important point district in city and appoint member of beautification promotion. In addition, we are supported very much and really thank cleaning activity of volunteer people led by Hama road supporter and park protection society, waterside protection society.
 It is splendid opinion to want to enliven local production for local consumption more. In fact, Yokohama-shi is city where agriculture is very prosperous. Farmland area accounts for approximately 7% of city limits areas, and, various places of 3,450 farmhouses, agricultural and livestock products are produced. As far as restaurants putting local production for local consumption on sale increase and are glad recently. We put meal together for various events and want to wrestle compositely.
 Yokohama-shi is supported by people loving town of Yokohama like all of you. Please push forward activity in future by all means in this way as there is connection with person by having you stand up.
 Thank you today.


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