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"Tea meeting ..., welcome summary held to mayor room in ..." 2017 in the fourth

"Welcome it is ... summary tea meeting ... to mayor room" the fourth in 2017
Smartphone and tablet PC in interchange tool of elderly person!
"Let's spend smartphone tablet to play an active part in health lively"; talked on o theme

1 attendance group
Smartphone & tablet club

2 date and time
Monday, February 5, 2018 from 15:30 to 16:30

3 groups summary
We launch association triggered by course of smartphone tablet PCs such as inhabitant of a ward activity support centers and are active led by elderly person around once in month.

 We run three clubs which assumed course opportunity
◆It does "smartphone & tablet association" by opening to have held study session of smartphone and tablet PC in Sakae Ward in October, 2013. We thought which "we want to do local contribution" "to want to look for place after retirement" and took care of lecturer.
◆We come to hold study session every month and, in response to hope from participant, continue self-activity of member as "honor smartphone & tablet club" from April, 2014.
 Similarly, "Negishi smartphone & tablet club" started from plan of inhabitant of a ward activity support center of Isogo Ward from free university of Negishi Junior High School community house "Isogo smartphone & tablet club".
◆Three meetings are run in each member, and lecturer takes form to go to teaching in response to request. 
◆Original purpose of meeting was to get knowledge, but interchange of member is becoming first now. Using smartphone and tablet PC, we plan interchange by course and application. 
◆We are thinking about expansion of place of exchange in future. We are going to perform community organization, cooperation with local facility more than now. We think that we are glad if we can make use of smartphone and tablet PC because elderly person lives well. 
  Opportunity, worth doing that participated in meeting
◆Heard that elderly person interchanged using smartphone on TV and radio, and actually bought, but wakaranaikotodarakedeshita. It was for public information yokohamano Isogo Ward and knew this meeting and enrolled.      
◆Oneself wanted to try on seeing friend having processed photograph with smartphone, too and was taught this meeting. We enrolled and were surprised that advanced age operated smartphone than oneself happily.
◆The beginning felt difficult, but lecturer tells level of student individual clearly in total.
◆It is that friend was able to do it to have been the gladdest that we participate in this meeting. It is difficult to make friend newly when we exceed 80 years old.
 As smartphone easily knew transfer and the time required of train, field of activities became large. In addition, friends increase more and more by reclaiming delicious restaurant with smartphone, and sharing and think that you were allowed to really learn smartphone.
◆We will think that we can have time good together if we can please friend of the circumference from now on when we learn and attack ability, and such a fun thing is seen close. 
 About elderly person and IT society which representative of each meeting thinks about
◆The beginning was study session of ten several, but it becomes big meeting now and is impressed.
◆If there are will of the person and person to support close regardless of age, it is that even old can enjoy life with smartphone and tablet PC that we participate in meeting, and felt.
 As we come to be able to operate by little support, we want to help from now on.
◆We think whether smartphone is effective for safety confirmation of elderly person.
 The transmission disappeared from person who sent item to member by game application every day and has called at home as communication began worrying without being produced. Then, as safety confirmation, he/she sends item by game application every day.
◆Elderly person of the circumference does not have many states contacting with IT and thinks whether IT difference does not occur.
 We do not have trouble with life unlike public utilities, or the elderly person does not seem to have felt IT difference yet. However, we feel difference irresistibly and may feel that this is realized negatively as passage of times goes to direction of IoT.
 We think that we can lose such an IT refugees.
◆We are doing work to usually stand opposite to junior and senior high school students, but are thinking about elderly person and junior and senior high school students as children use smartphone like hands and feet that it is not possible for matching well.  
  You work as lecturer, and feel
◆Originally we participated as student, but help lecturer when there will be hands when meeting opens.
◆As IT technique is updated by rapid progress, and each maker, portable company are original, and smartphone develops function, we tell student while lecturer at us always learns.
◆We order that student wants lecturer to tell and we are very greedy, and student enjoys and learns.
◆We become glad in expression of student winning to notice that it is new when we tell student usage of application.
 We tell that we are the profit even a little by using smartphone and tablet PC and think that we are given motive to enjoy.
◆As for telling student, it is made own study. When there is reason by all means when the same thing is asked about many times, there is that the lecturer learns in what we speak with student a lot. 
 Comment of the mayor

◆We appreciate your talking really happily.
 We made some meetings tablet in Yokohama-shi, and computerization advanced, but came to be really convenient.
 When it comes to be gone out positively by having learned operation of smartphone and tablet PC, and friends increase, we think that territory and human relations are glad at all of having been opened.
 Again story of safety confirmation by game application of elderly person saw, and it was said at all at point of view of defense, and thought that was idea.
 Besides, using application, we seem to always talk in group, we can share without taking on troubles alone and may feel that oneself is not alone.
 It came to be said to be "the life 100 years times", but you will be well by all means from now on and would appreciate your being active.
 Thank you today.


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