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"Tea meeting ..., welcome summary held to mayor room in ..." 2017 in the third

"Welcome it is ... summary tea meeting ... to mayor room" the third in 2017
We will support book-reading activities of children of Tsuzuki!
We talked under the theme of "book is connected to child of Tsuzuki happily"

1 attendance group
tsuzukikko reading cheering party

2 date and time
Thursday, December 21, 2017 from 15:30 to 16:30

3 groups summary
We are doing activity to plan "promotion of book-reading activities" and "improvement of reading environment" to do help that children of Tsuzuki Ward   get close to reading from 2011. We are divided into three sectional meetings.

 Characteristic of activity of "tsuzukikko reading cheering party"
◆There were many group and individuals who supported book-reading activities of child, but way of thinking was various by area and activity place including school and was the situation that we did not often know including each other's information. Therefore we thought that it might grow feeling that read of child of Tsuzuki Ward   if we connected this.
◆Our big characteristic is what not only product for children but also course and class for adults supporting child plan in area including district center while cooperating with Tsuzuki library. In this way, small leaders sending importance of reading of child to in area may increase.
  "Plan sectional meeting" central person who is active in area and "JiJi, BaBa corps" which was derived
◆"Plan section" participates in events that plural social movement groups jointly perform such as "child care guardian deity of children Festival" "3.11 not to forget" and introduces picture book.
◆As for the figure which children enjoy in various children's songs or picture-story shows which we prepared, great power and joy spring out for us.
◆From plan to join generation when children and child care called "JiJi, BaBa (jiji, baba) picture book private supplementary school" ended in together through picture book, "JiJi, BaBa (jiji, baba) unit" was born.
◆We talk about "JiJi, BaBa corps" in district centers and open meeting (※) and we pick up children on knee at picture book corner of Tsuzuki library and it becomes equal and reads picture book with one to one.
◆Picture book has thing to find in heart from picture, and learn that express heart from words; is at all book with power.
◆As we think that reading brings up imagination, we feel that it is important to read from house childish as possible. We enter "JiJi, BaBa corps" and began story-telling, but are fun so as to want to perform even every week.
◆Understanding on the library side collaborating for realization can make plan that we thought about into these activities simply because there is. We always appreciate Tsuzuki library.
(※) Talk; meeting…For child, library librarian and local volunteer do story-telling and children's song of picture book.
 "School section" which talks about school library
◆It participates in book volunteers of school, and it is "school sectional meeting" to talk about school library. While we talked with member, we noticed that there were many things which could solve when it was not only own school to be in trouble and talked about thing across school.
◆Story-telling, repair of book, idea about decoration in school library make place where there is information sharing in all fields about school library with around one time a month of ordinary assembly.
◆We have you explain approach of Yokohama-shi from the staff of city in "school library volunteer size exchange meeting" held once a year, and it is in place thinking about there being volunteer at school of each.
◆By Tsuzuki library, activity of "reuse book" which we cooperated with Tsuzuki Ward   government office and cosponsored, we called Central Union of Agricultural Cooperatives schools in ward and we gathered books which became needless at home and contributed to elementary schools and gathered approximately 2,000 books when there was many.
 As "reuse book" is thing coming out of ordinary household, school library of book school where was contributed a lot book to which children like is energized.
◆We make use of book in repair of book and approach of "reuse book", and children want usable new book to enter note in school library. We are glad if we can help so that even one arrives a lot at book that children are good by cooperating with school well. 
◆By placement of school librarian, school library changed dramatically. We really thank the mayor. We come to be able to see state that children were full of life from school library and feel great worth doing for activity. 
  "Study sectional meeting" central person thinking about skill up and reporting
◆It studies thing which we talk, and production and child of small tools of meeting are interested in, and it is "study sectional meeting" that polish skill. We followed and received request from MY plaza (Tsuzuki multicultural youth exchange plaza) and "we spoke multiple languages and participated in fair" recently.
◆"Madeleine of study session of picture book," "meeting of children's song straw pee of children's song was derived from this "study sectional meeting", too".
◆We think that it is good as library and opportunity when we talk, and with many infants in meeting, children's song has a local interest in picture book, music.
◆The present times, woman become environment that is easy to act. We are very thankful for this, but parent may think that child may not have time to read book. We think that we want us to conjugate in such a case.
 We are active with feeling, "all the children of Tsuzuki are our children".
 Comment of the mayor

◆As for me, book brings up imagination; think that is splendid. Picture book in particular was full of love and did not fade between dozens of years either and it was encouraged myself and was often healed.
 When I became the mayor and observed elementary school for the first time, it was dark and was surprised on seeing library where book was not prepared very much. Therefore we wanted to employ school librarian and started placement in 2013 and were able to finish whole school placement in last year.
 We think that activity in body warmth that all of you go to every day is handed down to person. On seeing your activity, parents of child feel happy and may be enlightened when they tell in this way. We appreciate really holy activity heartily. Thank you for being passionate, and hearing on-site concrete story today.


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