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"Tea meeting ..., welcome summary held to mayor room in ..." 2017 in the first

"Welcome it is ... summary tea meeting ... to mayor room" the first in 2017
For one's "figure which wants to include WILL=!"
We talked under the theme of "next-generation woman leader working happily"

1 attendance group
Leader yokohama woman network

2 date and time
Wednesday, April 19, 2017 from 15:15 to 16:15

3 groups summary
It is network by woman to be leader and the supporter in city company.
Dispatch or individual from company vary, and member finds one's WILL (figure which there wants to be) and aims at the formation of further career up and network.

 Course "leadership program of yokohama woman" representing one's figure which there wants to be
◆We are groups of person of completion of "leadership program (the following, "satellite course") of yokohama woman" that we carried out as satellite business of "Yokohama woman network meeting" in 2016.
 Women to be leader learned with people outside one's company and organization, and they gathered for the purpose of growing up.
 As for the satellite course, course of all six times was held centering on "each person's mind set" and "the making of network" to think about how there wanted to be oneself in future.
 At three times, we arranged opportunity to face oneself thoroughly in the first half, and summary announced proposal by group work for environmental problem that woman whom Yokohama-shi held worked three times in the latter half.
 Participating in satellite course, and having been able to grow up, thing that we obtained
◆We participate in satellite course and one's thought becomes flexible and thinks that power falls out, and the leadership came to be produced in good meaning by exchanging opinions with various people.

◆In satellite course, we confronted that we faced oneself and that it was difficult and were able to know joy of challenging.

◆There was not woman leader in one's circumference, and there was not environment that could talk about its job, but it participated in satellite course, and it was good that there were encounter with high women of consciousness and deep connection.

◆What I felt is that found reader images are different in men and women. In addition, we learned that subordinate followed a certain person like oneself.
 Thought to figure which there wants to be in the future
◆We were not able to have confidence toward oneself until now without being found what oneself wanted to do. However, anyone was able to find figure which there wanted to be of oneself whom organizing to aim at leader wanted to do without man and woman relations by having carried out mind set thoroughly this time.
◆We learned what to do to move management skill and person in satellite course. In addition, facing oneself, we received good stimulation by taking how you did one's life design seriously.
◆Is the first, noticing for me is that who may take the leadership. We want to aim at it being to person supporting thing and woman leader showing courage breaking through in future without giving up working.
◆Through satellite course, we came to be able to put up one figure and one of oneself target which there wanted to be. As we came to be able to see change in oneself in what we respond to continuously, we want to still continue this.

  ◆There are many employees who do not have the time who are busy with my job, and think about very one's life and meaning to commit. Therefore we utilized time for meeting of company and arranged time to think about these.
 We want to create improvement of day care in the company and opportunity when man and woman thinks about easiness of work together in future.
 Comment of the mayor

◆"Leadership program of yokohama woman" is very splendid approach that each person's growth can expect.
 We are conscious of existence of women who are going to play an active part like all of you in society as Motoichi and think society to want you to make a foray steadily.
 I work and think about partner earlier and am interested in character and personality of each staff. In addition, we think that he/she helps because person taking the leadership shows one's weakness to subordinate when we were in trouble as person has weakness to anyone.
 It is important thing that it seems to be thing and oneself thinking about one's figure which there wants to be, and there is as having had you talk from all of you.
 Woman has motherhood to take flexibility and way of thinking only by woman, sensitivity to snuggle up to person, feeling of person. Man and woman makes use of each other's strengths, and can play an active part together; think that want social.
 Thank you today.



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