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Summary held in "warmth talk" 2018 in the second

"Warmth talk" of the Mayor of 2018 second forest summary
Town development of community-based welfare in south Nagatsuta housing complex!
We talked under the theme of "... which could meet somebody if we came to connection ... here that began with cafe local"

1 attendance group
Cafe Minami administration Committee

2 date and time
Tuesday, July 17, 2018 from 15:30 to 16:30

3 venues
Cafe Minami and south Nagatsuta housing complex meeting place

4 groups summary
 In south Nagatsuta housing complex (Midori Ward) which aging of inhabitants advances to, we promote multi-generation interchange, and anyone is active for housing complex to be able to live for in security, relief.
 In 2017, we won "town development honoring of contact that Midori Ward komorebi was excited".

 The making of housing complex which can live by feeling relieved security forever

◆As for south Nagatsuta housing complex, 45 years or more old pass, and, as for the elevator, aging rates of inhabitants exceed 40% without banister. Our activity began while there was concern about deterioration of building and aging of inhabitants to let approach of local self support, community support activate.




◆At first we waited and thought that person kept up place that could gather by repairing existing south Nagatsuta housing complex meeting place through walk and workshop.
 We were chosen by "Yokohama-shi housing complex reproduction model support project", and, in 2013, it was decided that the making of life support, housing complex charm was based in south Nagatsuta housing complex meeting place.

◆Furthermore, we utilized "Yokohama-shi community-based welfare, interchange base maintenance business" at the time and built more cafes with repair of meeting place newly and established "cafe Minami" in May, 2016.

◆Warmth of tree is felt, and ceiling is expensive, and "cafe Minami" becomes opening-like space.
 We feature the theme of "we can meet somebody if we come here", and, for housing complex with base where anyone is easy to interchange for security, relief, multi-generation wrestles for various activities that can interchange other than administration of cafe.

◆We run by approximately 40 volunteers, and cafe opens every day other than Saturday. Mean user of the day is approximately 30 people.
 Coffee and tea, soft drinks one cup are 100 yen. Child who is lower than primary schoolchild says that it is free only for one cup. Of drink, besides, provide curry and grilled rice ball.

◆On hygiene side of cafe, all food management by approved technique and confirmation of the expiration date and the volunteers perform how to wash tableware by same procedure, technique in Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare.

◆On shelf in "cafe Minami", area was able to each bring favorite thing. We perform display of photograph which fitted in season or sale of handmade accessory, and it is in space that area can enjoy.

◆As multi-generation interchange, "local child care exchange meeting" and "town library" work on charity bazaar, Instagram such as accessories sale.
 In addition, we perform business trip consultation by Nagatsuta community care plaza on "course about The Long-term Care Insurance" and every month second Tuesday.



◆Furthermore, we had you talk about everyday slight annoyance by telephone and FAX from June of this year and began activity like "help man" that volunteer helped with. As we performed exchange of electric bulb and shopping on the Internet so far, we want to add pressure in future.

 Local interchange deepens through "cafe Minami" multi-generation



◆Neighborhood Association is in charge of soft aspect, and, in south Nagatsuta housing complex, Residential Association runs hard aspect. Including elderly person, we feel that the whole housing complex got well after "cafe Minami" was established.

◆We have footwork is good for all of Midori Ward government offices and cope on reproducing south Nagatsuta housing complex. Barrier-free of south Nagatsuta park which is next to "cafe Minami" comes to be able to have you drop in at customer of wheelchair in becoming, and the making of connection of person and person is deepened.

◆We can get to know people whom there was not of meeting through "cafe Minami" and are active happily. Point became able to have hope from now on for five years, ten years when we might live in peace happily brightly.

◆Because cafe attracts, good place of "cafe Minami" loses sense of separateness and is to be able to grasp annoyances of inhabitants by talking. And we are connected for solution to various problems by utilizing idea of person who gathered for cafe.

◆In addition, we talk with somebody, and one where "cafe Minami" is used for the purpose of eating lunch together increases.
 And "there is not for that Hitomi recently." Between local residents including, "upset kana." see, and, as defense, is helpful very much.

◆Various, but, in Nagatsuta district, area and environment including area where there are many child care generations in the center toward 30 generations that aging goes ahead through want to open activation local as one sample in this housing complex.

◆Our activity is the third year in this year, but feels that we may realize the making of local place to stay to be in theme of "cafe Minami".
 Also, we want to push forward activity slowly in future how you connect to young generation without getting impatient in spite of being thought how you run without reducing 40 volunteers who are just.

 Comment of the mayor
 ◆We observed "cafe Minami" today and were impressed very much. When we entered cafe, we felt warmth of person, and flavor of life and bright atmosphere were felt, and it was in cloud nine.
 Theme of cafe to "be able to meet somebody if we come here" is very wonderful.
 We came to think about how important connection with area and person and person was whenever we repeated myself, age. And, with purpose of life, we think that it is important to live for health comfortably happily forever.
 While it looks like it;, as for all of you, local "encounter" and "connection" of person and person; watch, including pleasure of areas send thing that local, is necessary in "cafe Minami", and is just full of feelings of thanks.
 In addition, on shelf in cafe, various hobbies of local all of you are jam-packed and season is felt and is splendid. Wish of local all of you may right become place coming true here.
 We think whether it might be tough, but, through activity that entered in the third year, connection with person and person opens, and the whole housing complex activates and thinks that it is in source of vitality of town until now.
 Thank you today.