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Summary held in "warmth talk" 2018 in the first

"Warmth talk" of the Mayor of 2018 first forest summary
The making of spirit of town which kept the local history and characteristic alive!
"We talked about the other side of tunnel on what kind of town, o theme

1 attendance group
The 4, Honmoku south cheerful town governing board

2 date and time
Monday, May 28, 2018 from 15:30 to 16:30

3 venues
Mayor's Residence

4 groups summary
It starts in 2016 to plan solution to low birthrate and aging that is problem of Honmoku district and activation of mall and wrestles for various activities on pillar by "activation of welfare health, area interchange, shopping district".

 For development of further Honmoku and local resident interchange beyond generation

◆In area of Honmoku fourth district Confederate Neighborhood Associations, attenuation of low birthrate and aging and local community, impoverishment of mall become problem. Therefore group moving into action mainly on Neighborhood Association, Neighborhood Associations in area cooperates and collaborates and is active for community development which anyone can live for in peace well by solving problem and vitality and attractive community development.




◆As main activity, we work on activity about welfare health and activity about promotion of local interchange, activity about manufacturing, activity about activation of mall.
 In addition, we perform activity such as "village forest play project" and establishment preparations of "the Yokohama Malin FM station".

◆We issue "this Makimoto" (hommokubon) that settled these activities in October, 2017 and send charm of Honmoku to more people.

◆By activity about welfare health, we work on activity to lead to improvement of local welfare health such as dementia supporter training courses.
 In cooperation with community care plaza, we perform electronic picture-story shows for short play and children to deepen understanding to dementia in dementia supporter training course. In addition, we borrow shop of mall from 2017 and carry out course. We want to do to gusset which can live in peace because dementia supporters increase in future.




◆By activity about promotion of local interchange, we hold course to know old Honmoku, learning fair about local history and nature.

◆By activity about manufacturing, it becomes generation place of exchange of elderly person and child with knowledge and technical tradition through play or the making of miso in old days.
 We tell children bamboo stilts and disposable chopsticks gun, marbles by play in community house in old days and hold fair in courtyard. We have children bring up invention of play and heart to create and think that Honmoku wants it to be in hometown.

◆By activity about activation of mall, we hold "mall great erudition tour" and Halloween parade.
 On "mall great erudition tour," we asked storekeeper about breeding of shop around Hongo-cho and "Honmoku ribbon fan street mall" at 1, Honmoku and observed workshop not to be able to enter in usual times and held 12 times so far and observed 44 stores. Area is tied to mall that was visited at mall by having you know charm toward most and wants to let you activate mall.




◆Because local resident makes relation as for "village forest play project" in Honmoku mountaintop park, and child does village forest play in place that it is possible for, utilize "Yokohama citizen town building business" in 2010, is maintenance mashita on raindrop deck.
 Raindrop deck uses in muddy play or vegetable garden. Children remember this place and want to develop to become local common property.

◆"The Yokohama Malin FM station" pushes forward establishment preparations to send information that is familiar to life that area needs to at the time of disasters in radio station which assumed Naka Ward and a part of neighborhood ward broadcast area.
 Studio assumes corner of community cafe in "Honmoku ribbon fan street mall" studio and is going to open in March of the next year.
 After the opening of an office, information local, to be useful for including reading broadcast of news and public information paper of closure of a school of public school by warnings such as storms wants to send commencing with local event.

 "This Makimoto" (hommokubon) to connect charm of Honmoku and future design to in the next generation

"This Makimoto" that settled lives of a great man of the history and shopkeeper of Honmoku 

◆Opportunity when we made "this Makimoto" is because we wanted many people to know the history and charm of Honmoku in children and which moved in at the start.
 Making project began 3-4 years ago and issued at the time of constituency system 90th anniversary in last year.

◆There were a lot of problems such as inventory control or distribution channel and, as for 1,500 first editions, it was past one month and was able to sell 800 in sale of "this Makimoto" at long last.
 However, we were able to be sold out in less than two weeks by article of "this Makimoto" having been published in town news in November, 2017. There was communication when we wanted to purchase from outside of a ward and city outside and was able to touch Municipal Central Library.
 And we reprint 1,000 books in January, 2018 and inflect for presentation use to other groups for contribution to school if for sale.

◆Through "this Makimoto," we have you remember old Honmoku, and many people talk more than generation and want you to open ring of pleasant interchange.
 When person who visited Honmoku came triggered by cut of book, we were very glad.
 In addition, "this Makimoto" took root in area, and it was at opportunity when town of Honmoku had many people know proof to be fine. We want to challenge new approach in future.

 Comment of the mayor
  ◆We heard your talk today and were impressed very much. We read "this Makimoto", but breathing and warmth of creator were felt and were easy to read very much and were fun. And we felt your thought to love Honmoku to be strong.
 "Mall great erudition tour that is dementia supporter training course and activity forward happily," play and "village forest play project are more splendid at all in old days to convey raw impression and homemade splendor to children, too".
 It is important to value local mall. It is really happy thing to be able to live with own town even if we get old and thanks that develops various activities to collect development of town.
 We think that better Yokohama-shi is got because area is connected like your activity in solidarity.
 Thank you today.