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Summary four times held "warmth talk" 2017

"Warmth talk" of the Mayor of 2017 fourth forest summary
The making of society where person and animal live together and can live in happily!
We talked under the theme of "step ... of contact activity of animal-mediated activity - Minami Ward which carried smile"

1 attendance group
Contact club of person and animal is warm

2 date and time
Monday, February 19, 2018 from 11:00 to 12:00

3 venues
Mayor's Residence

4 groups summary
We are derived from "contact business of Minami Ward of person and animal" and are volunteer group which we established in April, 1998. We wrestle with person for contact activity with animal and various activities including manner improvement of owner towards society where animal lives in happily together.

 We pass more than 20 years and wrestle with person for contact activity of animal

◆Triggered by there having been consultation in Minami Ward veterinarian society from Minami Ward government office in 1997 saying it was saying "we should be able to work on contact with animal in elderly person facilities.", "person and animal contact activity" started as one of the making of ward promotion business of Minami Ward.

◆As for this business, we volunteer and ward veterinarian society, the government give opinions each other and we cooperate and promote and person of 3 collaborates and is active. Volunteer 60 people, volunteer animal (called "partner" as follows.) are 33 dogs, cat six now.

◆We place "animal interposition education" (※ 2) to convey "animal-mediated activity" (※ 1) and importance of life to send healing to elderly person and children as contact activity and visit elderly person facility and elementary and junior high school with partner.

(※ 1) Improvement of quality of life of person target through contact activity with animal and activity for the purpose of emotional stability.

(※ 2) Activity to have you visit elementary schools with animal and learn importance of contact and life with right animal from children.


◆By "animal-mediated activity," we take partner to elderly person facilities such as nursing home or community care plaza and perform that we touch while telling happily for one and approximately 30 minutes of approximately 20-30 participants.

◆By "animal-mediated education," we visit elementary and junior high school as "contact lesson" and have you learn right contact with animal from children. We have you hear heartbeat of dog/cat with stethoscope and, through walk experiences, have you feel warmth of animal directly.

◆Besides, we wrestle, and person and animal build good relations for activity to cross to many divergences including making of bulletin which served as study session which we perform beautification activities of town during dog walking and comprised for "doggy patrol" and major earthquake, activity report and are active towards kind society which we can live for happily.

◆We think contact activity to feel stress for partner, but do not do the behavior to hate even if it is touched person not to know. This is because there is deep relationship of mutual trust by owner not missing conjugation of physical condition and expression of partner during activity and having brought up at the end of love in it.

 By activity, we spend happy time when smile and impressions overflow


◆The venue overflowed with visit to elderly person facility for wonderful smile every time, and not only participant but also staff of facility came to feel that it was for smile for several years.

 ◆There was difficulty of finding beginning of conversation with participant by activity, and talking, but, through contact with animal, consideration spoke old days from story that there was not, and which did not usually speak spoke and felt that there was some effect in animal contact.

◆In "contact classroom in elementary school," children do not let you be afraid of dog and cat, and figure which we touch hard when we want to make friends is impressive.
 One one of the animals including difference in size and difference in feel can brighten eyes and is surprised, and we become glad of figure pleased with, too.

◆My partner was cat, but did invention to have how you would be interested in children, and thought, difference and meat ball of the softness with hair of dog touch because we wagged our tail like dog and did not approach.

◆My and partner not overdoing it, and being able to be active happily from participant "came again. This is because it has you call out saying "come again." with fine. We want to be active in physical condition with partner for a long time carefully in future in one year.

◆I am doing active photography, but think that smile of member and partner is splendid in the same way as smile of participant. We think that strong bond of owner and partner impresses participants.

 We will challenge in future so that healing and warmth are connected
◆The oneself realizes what is healed for smile of elderly person and children who participated in activity, and what we value when we are active is to continue being active without forgetting "feeling of thanks".   
◆As this activity does not only become change of work, and feeling to be considerate of for person kindly is born, we think that we had effect of plus on personal work. We love partner and want to be active in future while always feeling joy that can be active together.
 Comment of the mayor
◆We heard your activity to introduce preciousness of life into today and remembered one one.
 We thought whether it might be tough by activity, but we strongly felt that a lot of owners hung love and brought up partner and kept activity and balance of love well and were moved by crossing for a long time, and being active.
 As power that animal lives has splendid effect on people, about your activity, it is full of feelings of thanks.
 In Motoichi, protection of animal works on event for the spread of appropriate breeding, but wants to be active by all means as we think that it is that it has animal feel to children close to think that I am the most necessary.
 Thank you today.