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Summary held in "warmth talk" 2017 in the third

"Warmth talk" of the Mayor of 2017 third forest summary
Towards Shimonagaya district where person is connected to person!
We talked under the theme of "community development connected from disaster prevention"

1 attendance group
Bond private supplementary school ❤ Shimonagaya

2 date and time
Thursday, December 14, 2017 from 15:30 to 16:30

3 venues
Shimonagaya community care plaza

4 groups summary
In Shimonagaya district, we aim at community development which can help each other for at the time of disasters and wrestle for activity to bring up promotion and the making of local bond of disaster prevention activity in Shimonagaya community care plaza.

 The making of relations to see face by event that anyone can enjoy

◆We thought that it was not possible for something oneself and, in year when we had the Great East Japan Earthquake six years ago, started in our group.



On the day we had you show "plastic bag cooking".
 Menu is "omelette, steamed bread, stewed pumpkin".

◆Though higher than ten years passed after the establishment as for there not being a sense of crisis to disaster and those days, Shimonagaya community care plaza (following "care plaza"), in local talks, we included refuge and problem such as it not being known to inhabitants that it was in particular.

◆Therefore, in cooperation with care plaza, care plaza attracted areas casually and began plan, administration such as "care plaza school festival" or "survival experience fair" for community development that person was connected to person.

◆We hold "care plaza school festival" every year in the beginning of July, and it is in place showing activity of various groups which usually move into action in care plaza. On the day of the school festival, more than 350 people came to gather for care plaza from child to elderly person.

◆We hold "survival experience party" in spring and carry out "survival walking" to confirm disaster prevention facility and mark while walking production, area of on the chart training and cold protection goods by "HUG (hug)" (refuge administration game) to simulate correspondence at the time of disaster, and to experience every year.
 "Plastic bag cooking (※)" which can make 5-6 articles of dishes with particularly one pan at a time is popular. We think about new menu and devise so that it is not got tired and introduce every year in disaster drill of Neighborhood Associations or other districts.

(※) Easy cooking to put plastic bag which hired ingredients, all the seasoning in the boiling hot water, and to cook.

 We got important friend with development of disaster prevention, local action


◆If there was person who was in home each, at the time of Great East Japan Earthquake, member was in person who went out and was various situation.
 There was me in home, and earthquake turned around one house one house of one living on the way to community hall with radio and cell-phone after we were satisfied.

◆Because, near me, was lost power until the early afternoon on the next day of earthquake disaster, of neighborhood watched, and patrolled.
 Through practice such as "HUG" (hug) or "plastic bag cooking", we spin bond of person and person and want to spread ring of the making of relations and gentleness to be able to usually help each other in area in future.

◆I was in the workplace at the time of earthquake disaster. We trained in the workplace, but are disappointed every year as it did not function in the case of emergency.
 Through activity, we realized area and importance of tight activity and were a chance to review consideration to volunteer significance and another person.

◆I was at station at the time of earthquake disaster. We thought earthquake information whether it was not available and asked toward the station employee and had display of station broadcast news somehow or other.
 Through activity, it learned local geography, and, as well as the neighborhood, it was good that we could get to know people of Shimonagaya area widely, and there was.

◆I was in home at the time of earthquake disaster, but nothing was made. We participate in this activity and thank that we got friend who is important for area let alone having been able to learn disaster prevention knowledge afterwards.

 To widen ring of local cooperation, consideration
◆We want to continue being active in cooperation with care plaza in future so that each one grows up in spite of being pleasure with all the members peacefully, and bond of Shimonagaya district opens.   
◆Six years pass from activity, but think that we were able to be connected with local people by "meal" by novel idea and "plastic bag cooking" of member widely. In addition, we want to continue the making of bond of person and person in future as we can continue being active simply because there was warm support of inhabitants while increasing members.
 Comment of the mayor
  ◆It could meet important friend to have been common by your talk and we seemed to be able to build relations to raise each other, and to toss and were impressed very much.
 It is local ideal figure, and your activity has activity wrestle with will that each one pulls activity lively and thanks.
 "Plastic bag cooking" that had you show today thinks that it is valuable at all to be able to eat variation-rich warm dishes at the time of disaster very fantastically.
In addition, based on experience of the Great East Japan Earthquake, it might be lived a life that local was rich in not only disaster prevention, reduce disaster damage by having had you widen activity to the making of local way and purpose of life.

 In Motoichi, it lays emphasis on disaster prevention, reduce disaster damage measures more than before, and it works on problem solution to wooden crowd house or setting promotion of vibration sensing breaker, but it becomes important at all to have local open ring of self support, community support like.
As we asked about your talk today and realized importance of what we conveyed again, and it was for hint very, we wanted to open your activity.
 Thank you today.