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Summary held in "warmth talk" 2017 in the second

"Warmth talk" of the Mayor of 2017 second forest summary
Town development to change problem of town into charm!
We talked under the theme of "local child care in east Jun Yamada industrial district"

1 attendance group
The making of town, person of general corporate judicial person Yokohama

2 date and time
Thursday, October 12, 2017 from 15:30 to 16:30

3 meeting places
Cafe "DEN" which there is in small factory in town

4 groups summary
We aim at waiting in east Jun Yamada industrial district of Tsuzuki Ward   that factory is mixed with house, and factory and inhabitants living together and wrestle in area child care support and local charm dispatch that kept local characteristic alive.

 Thing, town "east Jun Yamada industrial district" to wait, and to tie person to

◆Approximately 80 medium and small-sized businesses mainly on manufacturing industry accumulate east Jun Yamada industrial district mainly in area where factory is mixed with house.

◆Because house and factory approach, it is area where the noise of factory and inhabitants trouble such as being stinking are easy to occur, but it starts by "fair to protect east Jun Yamada mechanic area" who aimed at inhabitants and coexistence of factory in 2014, and, as for the associate industrial zone, "area town development rule" that established rule about environmental maintenance of town maintains environment that is good in what was authorized.

◆While we continue being active, we can cooperate with local all of you including Hama road supporter (※) and Neighborhood Associations, school and we establish "the making of town, person of public corporate judicial person Yokohama" and open width of activity last year.

(※) By volunteer by inhabitants, we work on cleaning and beautification activity of local road.

 Activity that adult learns, and child tosses while touching genuine article

◆We wrestle for holding of the tour of the plant society "primary schoolchild town exploration" for children and open factory, making of disaster prevention map from 2013.
 In addition, we wrestle for problem solution and beautification activity of town with hana* enado of workplace visit and east Jun Yamada mechanic flower road by composite learning of primary schoolchild, children.

◆We utilized Yokohama citizen town building business and produced area map which displayed comment of disaster prevention information and company introduction in area last year.

◆We distribute booklet which we gathered up what kind of scrap wood appears to "scrap wood by gold mine project" for the purpose of having children utilize scrap wood which went out of factory to schools and have you utilize by decoration of arts and crafts and athletic meet of children.
 If children are a chance to know that various things are made with their gussets, we are glad.

◆On September 15, this year, we opened cafe "DEN" which there was in small factory in town which assumed place where something flashed concept. We want to do this place at the good point of contact of inhabitants and all of factories.

 Feel through activity


◆The feature of "the primary schoolchild town exploration" is that distance with children is near. Have children feel high technique of factory with skin; and with adults fall, and go io knows, and it is at good opportunity when have know their towns, and it is possible.

◆As even nothing hears what thought of in question as for children, ourselves are good, too; is stimulated. We feel that these activities that connection with area deepens, and oneself can mature into are splendid. We want to spend children and happy time from now on.

◆It is in the times hard to please that factory works in peace, but feels now when area is united through point art (mark of guidance of east Jun Yamada industrial district) and production of information bulletin board (we post holding of guidance and event from company) remarkably.

◆As there is understanding of local all of you, and company is managed, we want to still participate in local action by communication with area positively carefully.

 East Jun Yamada industrial zone in model district
◆Child thinks that school and local three persons bring up all together as well as protector. We provide that it is possible only for oneself working in east Jun Yamada industrial zone and want to be active in oneself learning from there in future carefully.
◆We will widen our activity that began in east Jun Yamada industrial district as approach of Tsuzuki Ward   and approach of Yokohama-shi in the future and want to do east Jun Yamada industrial district in model district of Yokohama-shi.
 Comment of the mayor

◆We asked about activity of all of you, and east Jun Yamada industrial district where factory coexisted with inhabitants felt that it was ideal town for Yokohama-shi.
 In addition, child care activity that area worked on in local charm and children in solidarity carefully was active and was impressed at all.
 Children are genuine, and opportunity to touch decreases now while it is the times of SNS, and search by the Internet as for what we do not understand immediately and live a convenient life. Children are their living gussets while it looks like it, and there is manufacturing experience and it is really significant thing to be able to learn the origin of manufacturing and thinks that we greatly bring up sensitivity of children.
 In area, we think that activity of felt joy to raise children for is really happy. We think that we want you to be active from now on while enjoying happiness and worth doing for all of you.
 Thank you today.