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Civic Affairs Bureau

Warmth talk

"Warmth talk" is business that group and the mayor playing an active part in area exchange opinions.

All of you whom we met in 2016


TimeThe dateGroup nameState of the dayContents
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4 28/10/13
Meeting of river that waterside protection society Katabira River falls ○What we felt through activity of meeting of river
3 28/9/8
Meeting of NPO law humanity will forest at the head of a river volunteer ○Thought to oldness and "way will forest at the head of a river" of water
2 28/7/8
NPO corporation reloading ○You are concerned with learning support of child, and think
1 28/4/13
Association of Yokohama Japan and Germany ○About civic interchange with Germany

All of you whom we met in 2015 are this