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Civic Affairs Bureau

[recruitment of Yokohama e questionnaire members] Please cooperate with questionnaire about municipal administration

Recruitment of members

We are raising as of <! Until Thursday, August 31>

We have questionnaire about municipal administration cooperate with PC and smartphone, cell-phone and raise members more in "Yokohama e questionnaire" 2017.
There is privilege such as present hitting by lot every time from one that had you reply when we have member register.

Count result of questionnaire conjugates for plan of measure and business of Yokohama-shi, the measurement, improvement of effect. We publish result and the later situation in homepage and will tell.

Ask Answer to questionnaire about municipal administration (around 15 1-2 times a month)
Please answer from page for exclusive use of member.
Member registration period From October, 2017 to March, 30
  • By the presentation of member registration document, entrance rate such as san*en, municipal zoo discounts.
  • Person who had you reply wins present by lot every time.
  • I send event that Yokohama-shi carries out and e-mail magazine to tell about municipal administration information regularly.
  • There is no compensation.
Qualifications Live in Yokohama-shi; is person of (as of April 1, 2017) 15 years old or older
※The Yokohama-shi staff (the person) is excluded.
Application reception desk period From Friday, June 23, 2017 to Thursday, August 31 (in the case of mail, effective postmark)
Application method
  • Application from application form (Yokohama-shi electron application, report service):
    arrowApplication form [for PC]
    arrowApplication form [smartphones for (iOS terminal (iphone, ipad), Android terminal)]
    arrowApplication form [for cell-phone]
    ※1 Internet Explorer and Firefox, Chrome can use browser (Web browser).
    ※2 About screen change in electronic application, report service, please perform in "Back" button to "next" displayed in each screen.
    Please do not use not to have possibilities to work definitely when we operate with "update" "to advance" button "closing" "to come back" of browser.
    ※3 When time when electronic application, report service is not operated during the use is over 60 minutes, it becomes time-out for security protection.
    Input contents are not held, and please be careful as re-operation is necessary.
    ※4 As for the use time for electronic application, report service, we may stop a part or all of service for maintenance, check for principle 24 hours.
    ※5 Depending on terminal of the use, contribution form may not be available. About necessary movement environment, please confirm in page of "movement environment".
  • Application by E-mail: The next item after mention to City of Yokohama, Civic Affairs Bureau public hearing consultation section send.
    <mention item>
    • 〒・Address (write so that mail arrives as I send registration document.)
    • Full name (furigana)
    • The generation (e.g.,: 30s)
    • Sex
    • Phone number
    • E-mail address
Registration of member As a general rule, I register all the one that had you apply as member and send member registration document. (about the end of September plan)
      • Expense that it costs for answer to questionnaire including expense for Internet connection is charged to member.
      • We manage personal information that told appropriately and do not use other than the conduct purpose (count of member registration document, mail of present and questionnaire) of Yokohama e questionnaire.
      • Overlap registration by the same person is not possible.
      • When we make unwanted e-mail measures with cell-phone, email from the next e-mail address, please arrive.
Contact City of Yokohama, Civic Affairs Bureau public hearing consultation section Yokohama e questionnaire charge
Telephone: 045-671-2335
FAX: 045-212-0911
E-mail: sh-hamaeenq@city.yokohama.jp