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"Yokohama 10 great news that citizen chose in 2018" was decided!

"Yokohama 10 great news that citizen chose in 2018" was decided

Year-end common usage, event that happened in Yokohama-shi and "Yokohama 10 large news" to have you vote about municipal administration news.
We had you vote from 3,824 citizen's all of you and were decided as follows this year.

The first place A lot of proposal of support, Yokohama-shi set up special homepage and consultation counter by gorgeous kimono trouble of coming-of-age ceremony from citizen or group (January) <2,063 votes >
We tied feeling of proposal of various good will put by of the whole country to met for damage through homepage to do correspondence that snuggled up to person met for damage and accepted legal advice by lawyer.
The second place In Minami Ward native place "Yokohama Nigiwai-za" second generation's director, Katsura Utamaru of comic story teller the death (81 years old) (July) <1,935 votes >
We had you make power for local activation as honorary advisor of authority of Yokohama Bridge mall in native Hama natives. The splendid art of narration and openhearted personality, it was got close to many citizens.
The third place All railroad crossings in elevated section disappear from business start whole line high shelf after time of 16 years Sotetsu Line Hoshikawa Station - Tennocho Station interval (November) <1,654 votes >
Takeoff in elevated section is that it was done jokyaku, and safe improvement is planned, and traffic jam is dissolved. We will create bustle along the line in future by effectively utilizing space that there is in underpass.
The fourth place Passing of the rainy season is 22 days earlier than average year in hot summer, to 1,711 people record-high by survey by city tropical night by 51 days and the most days the emergency conveyance staff due to observation heat stroke (from May to September) <1,560 votes >
Heat called "disaster grade" continues for a long time, to all of you citizen's in Yokohama-shi of the heat stroke prevention alerted, and health of child took safety measures. We will push forward approach in future so that citizen's all of you can live in peace.
The fifth place We cannot achieve Yokohama DeNA BayStars, three years consecutive CS participation, and the number of the audience mobilization arrives at 2 million people becoming the most in history of baseball team in season (October) <1,540 votes >
We played fight for CS advance to the very end and attracted fan in hot game. As Yokohama Stadium enlarges approximately 6,000 seats in the future, and seating capacity becomes approximately 35,000 people, we think with more fans going to visit baseball stadium.
The sixth place We hold "garden necklace Yokohama 2018" coloring town of Yokohama with flower and green (from March to December) <1,257 votes >
The seventh place The final of a lot of Tokyo 2020 Olympics competition (baseball, softball, soccer) recruits Yokohama-shi, city volunteers for held decision meet public performance, and it starts in the city (October) <1,255 votes >
The eighth place

We carry out the 120th anniversary of the foundation of Keihin Electric Express, the 110th anniversary of the opening of JR Yokohama Line, various commemorative events (February, September)

<1,244 votes >
The ninth place 28,000 runners run through town of Yokohama Yokohama marathon under the sky in held clear autumn after an interval of two years seven months (October) <1,241 votes >
The tenth place Municipal subway Green Line the tenth anniversary of the opening, municipal bus the 90th anniversary of the opening (March, November) <1,189 votes >
OrderItemThe number of the votes
The eleventh place We hold slow cup (New Zealand representative vs. Australian representative) in classic blurring D until Rugby World Cup 2019™ Japan meeting in ground, Yokohama of the final for another one year (October) 1,084 votes
The twelfth place "Pikachu large quantities outbreak chu!" which reached the fifth year We hold night show that we made use of scenery of Minato Mirai district in for the first time this year (August) 1,075 votes
The thirteenth place Large-scale natural disaster such as storm and flood damage and earthquake occurs frequently in the whole country, and Yokohama-shi dispatches the staff to affected areas of disaster positively, and damage caused by typhoon occurs in the city (from June to October) 966 votes
The 14th place We exceed Yokohama-bijutsukan "100 years from Monet it" exhibition, number of the visitors 260,000 (from July to September) 953 votes
The 15th place We dig, and shield tunnel of Yokohama ringed northwest line is completed and aims at opening until the Tokyo 2020 Olympics Paralympics (September) 929 votes
The 16th place It is the first among Yokohama Port, and foreign cruise passenger boat starts partly provisional service of CIQ (the customs, the immigration control, quarantine inspection) facility three at the same time in arrival at a shore Daikokufutou on three wharfs (April) 724 votes
The 17th place Sail Training Ship, Nippon Maru and Hikawa Maru together celebration, Sail Training Ship, Nippon Maru of the eighty-eighth birthday conduct (January, April) of large-scale repair for the first time in approximately 20 years 663 votes
The 18th place We receive earthquake in North Osaka and found assistance system for conduct of safe confirmation such as concrete walls made of blocks in attending school road or public facilities and improvement construction newly (June, October) 650 votes
The 19th place Player (Takanashi, Takagi, Motohashi) related to Yokohama who won medal by Akira Taira Olympics wins Yokohama-shi sports honor prize (April) 639 votes
The 20th place The soccer Emperor's trophy, ruvan cup are precious together, and Yokohama F. Marinos is a runner up (January, October) 595 votes
The 21st place Yokohama-shi is chosen by "SDGs city of the future" "local government SDGs experimental project" (June) 563 votes
The 22nd place Extend "Yokohama green tax" five years to succeed "town Yokohama that is full of green" in the next generation, and follow by "Yokohama green up plan"; to conduct (October) 491 votes
The 23rd place Film festival in France holds in Yokohama after an interval of 13 years (June) 460 votes
The 24th place As for the event that animated movie "future mirai" which we created on the stage of Isogo Ward, Kanazawa Ward is released, and cooperated with mall of Isogo, held (July) 456 votes
The 25th place "Old Nagahama quarantine station one stop" of Yokohama quarantine station where Hideyo Noguchi worked at in country registration tangible cultural property (May) 428 votes
The 26th place We devise "Yokohama-shi Middle four years plan 2018-2021" that included strategies that surveyed 2030 to let Yokohama make rapid progress more toward the future (October) 426 votes
The 27th place Tokyo gegegei, Tong Vfang Xien Qi, pre-cure, Kyn Taro. nadomo appearance Japanese best category, festival "Dance Dance Dance @ YOKOHAMA 2018" of dance once in three years holding (August, September) 405 votes
The 28th place Environmental activities such as "world triathlon series Yokohama meetings" are evaluated, and first Japanese Olympic Council of Asia wins "sports and environmental prize" (August) 393 votes
The 29th place Ryohei Yanagihara Art Museum opens in all Yokohama and museum (March) 347 votes
The 30th place Because Yokohama City University meets request in the 90th anniversary of the foundation, times, we carry out preparations for new establishment of the metropolitan area's first data science department and department reorganization (October) 311 votes
The 31st place We pray for the Kanazawa constituency system 70th anniversary, further development, and local action group, company, university in ward carries out approximately 100 commemorative projects (from April to December) 269 votes
The 32nd place Yokohama-shi makes autonomous government and interchange cooperation joint communique in Scotland and cooperates in culture, sightseeing, marine industry, sports, four areas of cooperation between universities (July) 243 votes
The 33rd place "Soroptimist International United States 45th biennial meeting" holds position improvement of woman main large-scale international conference "64th international zonta world meetings" that we featured the theme of in succession (from June to August) 183 votes

1 It is targeted for vote Person resident in Yokohama-shi
2 Turnout 3,824 (as for the details, please see "turnout and composition ratio of sex according to the generation". In 2017 4,221)
3 Vote period From Tuesday, November 20, 2018 to Tuesday, December 11
4 Vote method The Internet and postcard
We showed candidate news of event and 33 items including municipal administration news that happened in Yokohama-shi for one year of 2018 and had you choose one up to ten items. In addition, thing which candidate news did not have asked for free entry.
5 Others I send one point of present related to Yokohama to 510 people in total by lot.
Turnout and composition ratio of sex according to the generation ※We include nihasorezoreno ignorance in total.
 Under 20 years old20s30s40s50s60s70 years old or older(※) in total
Man 58 130 270 488 435 397 286 2,066
Woman 65 135 428 482 334 184 121 1,749
(※) in total 123 265 698 970 770 583 408 3,824
(composition ratio) 3.2% 6.9% 18.3% 25.4% 20.0% 15.2% 10.7%  

Press release document (PDF 555KB)


※ We exchange elected candidate announcement of present with shipment of prize.

Vote period

From Tuesday, November 20, 2018 to Tuesday, December 11

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san*enhoshokai Shin-Yokohama ramen Museum Sagami Holdings TUBAN art gallery Yokohama Land of Happiness part  TOKYU Corporation
Fuji food industry The Mino-ya hail production main office Yokohama FC (no company) YOKOHAMA GOODS 001 Wishbone
Nippon Yusen Hikawa Maru, history Museum Kozan Miyagawa Yokohama Marine Tower City of Yokohama, Transportation Bureau  Church of Midori, Yokohama-shi 
Yokohama JAZZ PROMENADE Yokohama Nigiwai-za Yokohama Doll Museum Yokohama Noh-theater  
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