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"Yokohama 10 great news that citizen chose" was decided in 2017

"Yokohama 10 great news that citizen chose" was decided in 2017

Year-end common usage, event that happened in Yokohama-shi and "Yokohama 10 large news" to have you vote about municipal administration news.
We had you vote from 4,221 citizen's all of you and were decided as follows this year.

The first place Yokohama DeNA BayStars, the first Japan Series advance (November) in 19 years <3,153 votes >
Yokohama DeNA BayStars made rapid progress and achieved the first Japan Series advance in 19 years and heaped up Yokohama very much. We expect continued progress of the next season.
The second place Ayako Hayashi takes office as three selections, the 32nd mayor by election for Mayor of Yokohama (July) <1,962 votes >
Mayor Fumiko Hayashi took office as the 32nd mayor, and the third sitting started. Yokohama-shi works on realization of happiness of citizen's all of you through problem with every effort sequentially in "all Yokohama".
The third place We start construction of 6,000 seats of Yokohama Stadium seats increase in November and aim at completion of February, 2020 before the Tokyo 2020 Olympics (March) <1,873 votes >
The enlargement, repair work of Yokohama Stadium by Yokohama Stadium started construction in November. Further attractive up of stadium including new establishment of enlargement and excursion deck of seat is expected.
The fourth place "Re-, is discovered in ga Yokohama Port, and correspondence follows in citizens here" specific foreign uncooked food quickly; for water's edge measures work (July) <1,851 votes >
We were discovered as the national seventh case in Yokohama Port while discovery occurred successively in ports of the whole country and, in cooperation with person concerned with country and harbor, coped quickly. We work on here re-no early detection at the water's edge, early prevention sequentially.
The fifth place "The 33rd whole country urban greening yokohama fair" holding, number of the visitors released approximately 6 million people, village forest garden large flower bed in autumn (3, September) <1,492 votes >
Town of Yokohama was colored with flower and green gorgeously, and many of you visited venue day after day and had you enjoy. Charm of Yokohama increased with flower and green beauty, splendor still more.
The sixth place "Minamihonmoku hama road" binding Minamihonmoku Wharf and Honmoku-Futo of Yokohama Port together "wide Hamakita line" where access reinforcement from the northern part of Yokohama-shi to Haneda Airport and Yokohama Port is planned is opened each in March (March) <1,421 votes >
The seventh place Kanagawa University is all-Japan university relay road race, and the yellowtail third wins the championship for 20 years (November) <1,409 votes >
The eighth place "Sail Training Ship, Nippon Maru" appoints to important cultural property of country, and Their Majesties the Emperor and Empress inspects by sailing boat stored on the sea in our beginning of a country (September) <1,294 votes >
The ninth place "It is not only Pikachu Pikachu large quantities outbreak chu!" It is held, and Yokohama does well very much this year (August) <1,273 votes >
The tenth place Two typhoons influence violence, member of the House of Representatives general election and Yokohama marathon in each places of the whole country in the end of October (October) <1,245 votes >
OrderItemThe number of the votes
The eleventh place The Yokohama new city hall starts construction in August and we offer open in June, 2020 and are going to start (August) 1,115 votes
The twelfth place East Kanagawa area line construction advances with local development Yokohama-sta.-nishiguchi for Sotetsu 100 years, too (December) 995 votes
The thirteenth place "Convenience store grant" of various certificates including copying of resident certificate using my number card start (January) 981 votes
The 14th place Held by art programs various at each site in city including Yokohama Para Triennale 2017 including "island and constellation and Galapagos" Yokohama Triennale 2017 (5, August) 924 votes
The 15th place The number of the death exceeds the number of the birth for the first time after population dynamics, war of 2016 of Yokohama-shi; for "natural wastage" (March) 890 votes
The 16th place In Tsurumi, Kanagawa, Hodogaya, five wards of Isogo carry out the constituency system 90th anniversary, various commemorative projects (October) 833 votes
The 17th place Even Yamashita-Futo receives passenger ship, and person planning passenger vessel terminal maintenance business of new port district decides the number of the calls at a port of Yokohama Port to record high, too (December) 801 votes
The 18th place We give service for mutual profits of library and, between Yokohama-shi and four (Kawasaki, Kamakura, Fujisawa, Yamato) each adjacent, start (March) 759 votes
The 19th place As for the decision of Kanagawa University new campus establishment and arena maintenance for exclusive use of large-scale music that company invitation in Minato Mirai 21 district advances to (4, 7, November) 622 votes
The 20th place Yokohama-shi opening of a port memory hall holds the opening 100th anniversary, exhibition of clock tower and commemorative event including cafe for a limited time on July 1 (July) 604 votes
The 21st place "Garbage collection by category guide of Io" to utilize AI technology about disposal procedures, and to guide in dialog in topic from 2018 to full-scale conduct (August) 553 votes
The 22nd place We record record high (approximately 81 million) of since 1999 when person from Minato Mirai 21 district next town of 2016 started investigation (March) 536 votes
The 23rd place We cooperate with "Yokohama Walker" by the debut 20th anniversary of "citron" and release plan ticket (April) 500 votes
The 24th place Rugby Japan international match (representative to Australia) is held in Yokohama International Stadium, and 43,621 audiences record-high as domestic held rugby Japan international match gather (November) 481 votes
The 25th place We decide the first attending school commuter pass reduction in price since municipal subway, bus, the opening of business (September) 465 votes
The 26th place Daisuke Miura and others of Yokohama DeNA BayStars special adviser are chosen as "the 66th Yokohama culture prize" (September) 444 votes
The 27th place We reflect opinions of citizen's all of you and revise "Yokohama-shi bullying prevention basic policy" (October) 408 votes
The 28th place Redevelopment company of Yokohama Culture Gymnasium is decided, and, in the subarena (Yokohama Budokan), 2020, main arena aims at in-service start in 2024 (September) 401 votes
The 29th place About prior camping acceptance of the Tokyo 2020 Olympics, Yokohama-shi makes a contract with British Olympic Committee with Kawasaki-shi, Keio University (March) 366 votes
The 30th place Toin school High School wins the championship at the 18th whole country High School selection rugby football meeting for the first time (April) 337 votes
The 31st place "The seventh Tokyo International Conference on African Development," Yokohama holding of 2019 (Heisei 31) is decided (June) 291 votes
The 32nd place "The 50th Asian Development Bank (ADB) annual meeting" holds under the theme of "the future to open together in Asia" and finishes the cause of record-high participant successfully (May) 245 votes
The 33rd place By the 23rd summer DEAFLYMPICS tournament land girl pole vault held in Turkey, municipal rou special support school student wins bronze medal (July) 221 votes
The 34th place With approach local resident first by check, repair duties of block indication board in person with a disability facility in trust ordinance-designated city and opportunity mentioning (July) 210 votes

1 It is targeted for vote Person resident in Yokohama-shi
2 Turnout 4,221 (as for the details, please see "turnout and composition ratio of sex according to the generation". In 2016 4,125)
3 Vote period From Tuesday, November 21, 2017 to Tuesday, December 12
4 Vote method The Internet and postcard
We showed main news 34 items such as event or municipal administration news that happened in Yokohama-shi for one year of 2017 and had you choose less than ten items per person. In addition, thing which presentation item did not have asked for free entry.
5 Others I send one point of present associated with Yokohama to 530 people in total by lot.
Turnout and composition ratio (we include each ignorance in meter.) of sex according to the generation
 Under 20 years old20s30s40s50s60s70 years old or olderTotal
Man 67 122 292 528 435 368 277 2,089
Woman 70 192 512 616 407 208 124 2,129
Total 137 314 804 1,114 844 577 401 4,221
(composition ratio) 3.2% 7.4% 19.0% 27.1% 20.0% 13.7% 9.5%  

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We offered present associated with Yokohama.
I send one point of present to elected person from course you like.

The details of "present" are this

※ We exchange elected candidate announcement of present with shipment of prize.

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