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"Yokohama 10 great news that citizen chose" was decided in 2016

"Yokohama 10 great news that citizen chose" was decided in 2016

Year-end common usage, event that happened in Yokohama-shi and "Yokohama 10 large news" to have you vote about municipal administration news.
We had you vote from citizen's 4,125 people who largely exceeded last year and were decided as follows this year.

The first place CS final stage first advance, the number of the audience mobilization are approximately 1,940,000 people, and Yokohama DeNA BayStars updates the best in history of baseball team (October) <2,426 votes >
The heart's desire of fan and player came true, and, as Yokohama DeNA BayStars, the first CS final stage advance came true. We expect more and more progress of the next season.
The second place Patient death by poisoning case occurrence, city carry out temporary on-the-spot inspection in Oguchi Hospital (September) <2,395 votes >
We carried out temporary on-the-spot inspection on October 11 and confirmed regimes. In addition, we set up Yokohama-shi medical care security duties inspection committee to inspect correspondence of Yokohama-shi before and after case.
The third place Middle September 29 retirement (September) that pitcher "leader of the valets of Hama" Yokohama DeNA BayStars Daisuke Miura expresses retirement at limit in this season, and many fans watch <2,313 votes >
Pitcher Daisuke Miura whom athletic career of Yokohama ray 25 years was sent to retired on September 29, and many fans made sure of majestic figure.
The fourth place Teenage turnout of Yokohama-shi is all ordinance-designated cities in the Upper House election of reduction than right to vote age 18 years old; the first place (July) <1,584 votes >
We performed various approaches including simulated election in municipal high school and early vote place setting to Keio University to enhance sovereign awareness and vote participation including new qualified voter of 18 years old .19 years old.
The fifth place Naive by ship which Hikawa Maru appoints to important cultural property of country, and is stored on the sea (August) <1,551 votes >
It was Japanese cargo-passenger boat which existed alone from prewar days and we saved as cultural assets of city and were utilized, and Hikawa Maru where had been got close to to citizen's received high evaluation called important cultural property of country.
The sixth place By the Rio 2016 Olympics Paralympics, Kenzo Shirai others player related to Yokohama-shi of exercises men's team synthesis gold medal makes an outstanding performance (in August September) <1,499 votes >
The seventh place To 3,720,000 people record-high by 2015 national census population of Yokohama-shi (October) <1,443 votes >
The eighth place Yokohama model delivery lunch "Hama valve" for junior high students starts in July by 12 precedence and enlarges toward whole school conduct in January, 29 sequentially after September (July) <1,171 votes >
The ninth place In IOC general meeting of August, Yokohama Stadium is introduced as the main meeting place planned site of baseball, softball competition of the Tokyo 2020 Olympics (August) <1,158 votes >
The tenth place We extend "yokohama walking point" participation qualification than 18 years old, and participant breaks through 210,000 people (June) <1,153 votes >
OrderItemThe number of the votes
The eleventh place The Keihin Electric Express Railway Corporation head office, the Japanese KFC Holdings head office, Anpan-Man museum decide move in Minato Mirai district (March) 1,126 votes
The twelfth place Social experiment surrounding amphibious bus, tourist attraction of Minato Mirai district from the sea from the land passes through pre-opening and makes its grand opening in October (October) 1,070 votes
The thirteenth place "Pikachu large quantities outbreak chu!" , Minato Mirai district whole area great turnout (August) 1,069 votes
The 14th place We assume the going to hospital costs furtherance to sixth grader from Subsidies for Medical Expenses for Pediatric Treatment, next April and decide expansion (August) 1,021 votes
The 15th place Tokyo Institute of Technology Yoshinori Osumi honor professor setting up laboratory in Suzukakedai, Midori-ku campus wins Nobel Prize for Medicine (October) 902 votes
The 16th place yokohama Zoo ZOORASIA, achievement of 20 million number of the total admission people (October) 874 votes
The 17th place As for 37,610,000 sightseeing pulling in customers fruit staff of 2015, as for the sightseeing offtake, 318,800 million yen, the number of the foreign total of hotel guests update 720,000 personality, record high (April) 850 votes
The 18th place Movie and drama of the Yokohama stage televise one after another, and Yokohama Film Commission photographs, and they support (2, 4, October) 757 votes
The 19th place Yokohama Disaster Risk Reduction Learning Center is reopened, and 80,000 visitors exceed in half a year (April) 694 votes
The 20th place We establish the regulations for so-called "garbage mansion" measures (September) 658 votes
The 21st place We acquire forest at the head of a river of Doshi-mura, Yamanashi, and the Mayor of forest, the Kajimura City Counsil chairperson attends for 100 years in this year and holds memory ceremony in Doshi-mura (September) 599 votes
The 22nd place We match with "top league" which is the first official game in Nissan Stadium and, toward Rugby World Cup 2019™, hold "2019 kickoff event in Yokohama" in Nissan Stadium (September) 596 votes
The 23rd place New Government building of Minami Ward government office and Kanazawa Ward government office is completed and moves (February) 581 votes
The 24th place Yokohama Arena is reopened and we install powerful large-scale LED signage "side ant vision" in front entrance and renovate facilities (July) 556 votes
The 25th place We reorganize sightseeing bus business and strengthen and operate 3 lines by lapping bus vehicle and increase the number of flights of tour bus "how many dirt" on the weekend (October) 529 votes
The 26th place "Yokohama sound Festival 2016" holding, town of Yokohama are filled with music (September) 526 votes
The 27th place It is decided in prior campground of British national team (BOA) of the Tokyo 2020 Olympics and concludes memorandum in people of BOA, JOC, Yokohama-shi, Kawasaki-shi, Keio University of 5 (February) 474 votes
The 28th place Kanazawa Zoo, "Oceania ward" of display including giant kangaroo are reopened (April) 406 votes
The 29th place We participate in Yokohama B col Thayer's, new league "B.LEAGUE" of domestic professional basketball (September) 368 votes
The 30th place Sakae Ward, Izumi Ward holds event in ceremony and area of the 30th anniversary of the constituency system (November) 319 votes
The 31st place GReeeeN is in charge of event holding before "the 33rd whole country urban greening yokohama fair" start half a year, official theme song (September) 163 votes
The 32nd place We hold the 70th nine capital prefecture city summit meeting in Yokohama, and the leaders exchange opinions with high school student of Fukushima, Yokohama-shi about revival, wound life of Fukushima prior to meeting (October) 141 votes

1 It is targeted for vote Person resident in Yokohama-shi
2 Turnout 4,125 (as for the details, please see "turnout and composition ratio of sex according to the generation". In 2015 2,630)
3 Vote period From Friday, November 11, 2016 to Monday, December 12
4 Vote method The Internet and postcard
We showed main news 32 items such as event or municipal administration news that happened in Yokohama-shi for one year of 2016 and had you choose less than ten items per person. In addition, thing which presentation item did not have asked for free entry.
5 Others I send one point of present associated with Yokohama to 555 people in total by lot.
Turnout and composition ratio (we include each ignorance in meter.) of sex according to the generation
 Under 20 years old20s30s40s50s60s70 years old or olderkei
Man 139 222 332 504 373 403 299 2,273
Woman 86 194 423 513 302 199 130 1,849
kei 225 416 755 1,017 676 603 429 4,125
(composition ratio) 5.5% 10.1% 18.3% 24.7% 16.4% 14.6% 10.4%  

Press release document (PDF 1,004KB)


We offered present associated with Yokohama.
I send one point of present to elected person from course you like.

  • ["treasure of Yokohama" tour course]
    Special tour (35 people in total) of culture, sports facility representing Yokohama
    ※When we have won tour, we tell conduct company about full name, address, phone number as contact information. Thank you for your understanding beforehand.
  • [culture, amusement course]
    Tickets (175 people in total) such as bus, train tour ticket, concert, zoo, spa, movie theater
  • [sports support course]
    Goods (170 people in total) of professional sports team and sporting event of Yokohama
  • [gourmet goods course]
    Including cake and craft beer, goods associated with Yokohama (175 people in total)

The details of "present" are this

※ We exchange elected candidate announcement of present with shipment of prize.

Sponsor who had you cooperate

nguKohoku natural hot spring spa Gade 
isshusankutogarensan*enShin-Yokohama ramen MuseumTUBANTokyuNissan StadiumFuji food industryNippon Yusen Hikawa Maru, history Expo 
Thing buildingYellowtail rear short show 
toshiataThe Mino-ya hail production main officekyukawakosan*kuzu mu dia 
muYokohama goods Yokohama 0 
01City of Yokohama, Transportation BureauCity of Yokohama, Transportation BureauAssociation of Midori, Yokohama-shiYokohama jazz promenadeYokohama StadiumYokohama Nigiwai-zaYokohama Doll MuseumYokohama Noh-theaterYokohama beerYokohama bay Sheraton Hotel & towersYokohama Marine TowerYokohama marathon Organizing CommitteeYokohama Minato Mirai Hall

<reference> Past "Yokohama 10 great news"

[press release document]