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Civic Affairs Bureau

Public hearing business


Suggestion from citizen    Contact information telephone: 045-671-2354

"Suggestion from citizen" is business to have you give suggestion, opinion for municipal administration casually. We accept suggestion, opinion by contribution form, E-mail, mail, FAX. Please send your frank "voice" to ward office of ward to live.

We send individual suggestion, opinions that had you approach to department in charge of from ward office and plan reflection to municipal administration.

Mayor petition    Contact information telephone: 045-671-2354

We accept opinion and request had to the mayor by letter by group as "mayor petition". Write group name and representative name by all means.

I send opinion and request that had you approach to department in charge of and send answer as city by document.

Warmth talk    Contact information telephone: 045-671-2333

Group and the mayor playing an active part in area exchange opinions.

Welcome it is ... tea meeting ... to mayor room    Contact information telephone: 045-671-2333

Have exchange opinions with the mayor about Yokohama municipal administration casually while drinking tea in mayor room; "welcome perform ... tea meeting ... to mayor room". Of municipal administration administration future as for the opinion that had refer to.


  • About recruitment of participation groupsThisPlease see this.

Yokohama e questionnaire    Contact information telephone: 045-671-2335

You recruit members targeting at people resident in the city 15 years or older, and please cooperate with questionnaire about municipal administration on the Internet. We send municipal administration information to member in e-mail magazine.

Public comment    Contact information telephone: 045-671-2335

When we devise basic plan of city, we raise opinion, suggestion from all of you, and public comment is system making decision that is final in consideration of opinions that we had.

Inhabitant of a ward meeting    Contact information telephone: 045-671-2335

Inhabitants of a ward to "want to make their towns to live in better by their hands" in the inhabitant of a ward meeting are places of talks of voluntary citizen phase each other who is independent, and organizes, and runs. Constitution members are quite gathered by recommendation, open call for participants from Neighborhood Association, Neighborhood Associations and various groups.

Activity content varies according to wards, but none of the inhabitants of a ward can participate and performs examination in specialty sectional meeting about familiar themes such as holding such as "gatherings of ward inhabitant" to be able to do of talks, welfare, environment, road, traffic.

Conventional public hearing business    Contact information telephone: 045-671-2333

  • Of the mayor "visit you"
  • Rice with hashed beef lunch meeting