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Civic Affairs Bureau

[call center] About conduct of customer satisfaction investigation (from July 24, 2017)

Information guide - title of Yokohama-shi call center - convenient living Call center phone number
 About conduct of Yokohama-shi call center customer satisfaction investigation
  In "Yokohama-shi call center," we measure satisfaction of citizen's administration and operators for reception of call center and apply in duties improvement.
 As we carry out customer satisfaction investigation this time in the following schedules, I would like cooperation of citizen's all of you.

 [conduct period]

  From July 24, 2017 to the end of August
  Person (random sampling) who was called in Yokohama-shi call center (045-664-2525)
  We call from call center visitor in reply and ask person who can cooperate with customer satisfaction investigation about five.
  There is no burden of telephone bill of visitor.
  We do not use phone number that we asked about from visitor other than this purpose and cancel as soon as investigation is finished.