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Civic Affairs Bureau

Public hearing consultation section

"Suggestion from citizen" and "Yokohama e questionnaire" are various methods including "tea meeting" and accept suggestion, opinion from citizen's all of you and keep alive for administration of municipal administration and examination of new measure.
In addition, by municipal administration consultation and specialized consultation, we accept consultation of citizen's all of you free (lawyer consultation, judicial scrivener consultation, traffic accident consultation).
Furthermore, as window of municipal administration inquiry, we run Yokohama-shi call center.

Business content of public hearing consultation section

Public hearing business

Information for consultation

  • Specialized consultation
    Commencing with municipal administration consultation, we accept lawyer consultation, judicial scrivener consultation, traffic accident consultation.

Yokohama-shi call center

  • Yokohama-shi call center
    We answer a variety of inquiries such as municipal administration information or living information, the latest event information.