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Civic Affairs Bureau

 Promotion of human rights measure

Yokohama-shi human rights measure basics guideline

 "Yokohama-shi human rights measure basics guideline" shows basic posture to promote with viewpoint of respect for human rights about every measure, business of Yokohama-shi and is thing thing to clarify big picture of approach of human rights measure in Yokohama-shi. 
 We devised "Yokohama-shi human rights measure basics guideline" in 1998 and, based on the situation that correspondence to new human rights problem and legislation about human rights advanced to in 2011 and 2016, revised.
 Based on contents of this guideline, we include viewpoint of respect for human rights in a lot of basic plan and action plan such as "Yokohama-shi basics design" (long-term vision) and "Yokohama-shi middle four years plan 2014-2017" and wrestle toward solution of problems about human rights in general thing promoting systematically by human rights measure for all agencies.
 In addition, systematic by human rights enlightenment for citizen; and "basic plan about human rights education, enlightenment" devises "Yokohama-shi human rights enlightenment promotion plan" based on "Yokohama-shi human rights measure basics guidelines" (2002 development, 2011 change Ministry of Justice) to perform premeditatedly.

    Yokohama-shi human rights measure basics guideline (December, 1998 development, January, 2017 revision)
    Yokohama-shi human rights enlightenment promotion plan (March, 2004 development, March, 2013 revision)


  Once in five years, we carry out "public awareness investigation about human rights" to grasp consciousness about human rights of citizen's everybody in Yokohama-shi, and to promote future human rights measure. Based on findings, we promote human rights measure including more effective human rights enlightenment corresponding to needs of citizen's everybody and, with citizen's, respect human rights each other and aim at social realization to live together.

      "Public awareness investigation about human rights" (2015)
    "Public awareness investigation about human rights" (2010)
    "Public awareness investigation about human rights" (2005)

Civil Rights Commissioner

  It is private various places that the Minister of Justice entrusted with that Civil Rights Commissioner watches so that human rights of everybody are not violated and that it is adviser when there is infringement and copes appropriately, and to measure relief. 86 (as of July 1, 2017) committees are active now in approximately 14,000 people, Yokohama-shi in the whole country. We usually work on human rights consultation and utilize places such as human rights enlightenment lecture or inhabitant of a ward Festival and perform enlightenment activity to deepen understanding about importance of human rights by Yokohama-shi and collaboration.
 When you have a problem with the issue of human rights when human rights were violated, please talk with Civil Rights Commissioner. Consultation is free, and secret is kept firmly. 

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Cooperation, cooperation with human rights group

  Administration and human rights group perform business with each role to work on the issue of human rights in Great Society based on "Yokohama-shi human rights measure basics guideline".
 It confirms thing along purpose of Yokohama-shi citizen collaboration bylaw together to have strong relation with working on overall issue of human rights, there being the results of a lot of activity who is concerned with human rights, public institution except Motoichi on choosing coping group and judges generally.

 <corresponding group>
  ○General Kanagawa human rights center
  ○United Nations NGO Yokohama international human rights center
○Kanagawa human rights forum

  About the issue of Dowa, we wrestle while cooperating with affiliate including life consultation.

  ○Community Liberation Alliance Kanagawa alliance society Yokohama-shi meeting
  ○Kanagawa area human rights campaign alliance meeting Yokohama Branch
  ○All-Japan Dowa Association Kanagawa alliance society Yokohama Branch