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Civic Affairs Bureau

Rental, distribution of the teaching materials for the human rights enlightenment training

 We distribute public information paper or enlightenment booklet which we published rental of videotape (VHS), DVD and book, enlightenment article in to be able to utilize as the teaching materials of the human rights enlightenment training that citizen's all of you and all of company, groups carry out. At opportunity of voluntary learning, please inflect.

■The rental teaching materials


■Distribution document

 We can distribute following public information papers or booklets by the number of copies, too. Please report to human rights section window after filling out required items on use of teaching materials application. (please contact human rights section before coming to window.)

 Civic Affairs Bureau human rights section
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      The fifth floor of 2-6, Minatocho, Naka-ku, Yokohama-shi Sekiuchi, Yokohama building (JR, municipal subway Kannai Station 1-minute walk)
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