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As for the crime victims, it is consultation support project

According to crime, the statistics of accidents such as Kanagawa Prefectural Police, the number of Penal Code crime acknowledgement in Yokohama-shi of 2014 will have approximately 71 crimes per day in 26,017 cases. In addition, casualties by traffic accident become 12,881 people in the year, too.

Damage by crime and traffic accident is never other people's affairs.

We carry out various enlightenment business so that crime victims establish "Yokohama-shi crime victim counselor's office" for support in Yokohama-shi from June, 2012 and support consultation from citizen met for crime damage, and understanding to various places met for criminal damage deepens.

In Yokohama-shi crime victim counselor's office

We are resident in Yokohama-shi and, in our counselor's office, accept consultation from working, the person met for crime damage by attendance at school or the family.

For more details, please see "to you whom it was met for crime damage".

To deepen understanding to crime victims


  • Encountering crime damage
  • Various problems (about secondary damage) to occur to crime victim and the family
  • Because less injure victim; ... secondary relation not to damage ~
  • Help victim
  • Movement such as countries about support such as crime victims
  • About crime victim week
  • To to want to know more (lecture, public information, enlightenment activity)

Related organizations (collection of links) which support crime victims

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<judiciary relations>

<detective facility, probation office>

<others, private support group>

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