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2017 human rights composition contest & human rights enlightenment lecture report

We held commendation ceremony of national junior high student human rights composition contest Yokohama-shi meeting and human rights enlightenment lecture by Yokohama-shi human rights enlightenment activity network meeting (Yokohama-shi, Yokohama Civil Rights Commissioner meeting, Yokohama-shi protection of human rights Committee, Yokohama Legal Affaires Bureau) and sponsorship of City of Yokohama, Board of Education Secretariat in Tsurumi, Yokohama-shi inhabitant of a ward Cultural Center sage hall on Thursday (holiday) on  November 23, 2017.


 On the day, including student whom we won, we appreciate your arriving to many various places.


 Reading of composition by three students who won Mayor of Yokohama Prize, Yokohama-shi superintendent of education Prize in the highest awards was performed after commendation of the highest award, award for excellence prize winner, introduction of prizewinner were carried out in commendation ceremony of Part 1.

 At lecture of Part 2, we had you give a lecture on the current situation of nuclear power generation victim of Fukushima from Akira Imai of local autonomy research institute's chief scientist titled "from thing - nuclear power generation disaster refugee investigation to shelter".


 It is ... from questionnaire of all of ... venues



<opening, Part 1: Commendation ceremony, composition reading>

・There was good feeling of strain and was tight commendation ceremony.

・Even junior high student was thinking properly and was impressed by courage to announce as composition.

・Do various experiences surprised at high sentence power of expression of junior high students with own thing, and have carefully, was impressed by power to be informed by another person besides.


<Part 2: Human rights enlightenment lecture>

・We were able to know the actual situation of survivors which was not still appreciated.

・We felt that you must continue thinking about human rights of survivors still more by knowing information that we could not know in news.

・As you were able to explain fact that happened in Fukushima plainly, we were made to think in various ways.




★We had other many opinions, impressions. Thank you.★



Photograph of commendation ceremony

 Lecture photograph