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Civic Affairs Bureau

Lecture, event holding information

We wrestle for various enlightenment business including holding of lecture and event that citizen's everybody deepens understanding to the issue of human rights in Yokohama-shi and can arrest as imminent problem.

In konope ji, we place lecture about human rights to carry out in Yokohama-shi, event information. For details, please click lecture, event name.

  The date Lecture, event name Report
The end  Saturday, February 17, 2018   "It is with variety and human rights - sex to see in sex, or romance is so wide human rights enlightenment lecture!" 
※For details, we click lecture name mentioned above. (we can see flyer.)
※Prior application is not necessary. The day, first-come-first-served basis.
The end Wednesday, January 31, 2018   Corporate seminar
 Because anyone and ... person made with the workplace working lively and company shine; ...
 (Part 1) In human rights enlightenment lecture "spirit in company by respect for human rights"
  Concrete ... including method of self-care and line care that are important to relationship of excessively heavy labor and harassment and healthy obstacle, contents of health disorder caused by stress and the actions to be taken, mental health measures; still visit story!

  (Part 2) We announce business explanation, example with healthy management

Held contents
The end Sunday, December 10, 2017    "All abductee rescue!"
 Photo exhibition of Megumi and family 
 Held contents
The end November 23, 2017 Thursday (holiday) Junior high student human rights composition contest commendation ceremony and human rights enlightenment lecture
 From "thing - nuclear power generation disaster refugee investigation to shelter"
※For details, we click lecture name mentioned above.
※Prior application is not necessary. The day, first-come-first-served basis.
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The end Friday, November 17, 2017 Support civic lectures such as Yokohama-shi crime victims
When we encountered crime damage…
―If you and family, friend are rolled up in crime damage―
 The end  Saturday, July 29, 2017 Human rights yokohama campaign 2017 Held contents
The end Sunday, June 4, 2017 Enlightenment activity in connection with Yokohama F. Marinos Report is this

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