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Neighborhood watch

In Yokohama-shi, we are aware, each citizen "lives in area" and aim for improving "anti-crime program" of area in spite of being local making of community and town development and linkage. It do not mean that we follow own thing and own area in oneself.
Do you know "breaking window theory?" It is thought that the whole area is defenseless when we keep on even one piece of windowpane having been broken and is way of thinking that crimes occur frequently in.
It do not mean, "you must not leave their local security to others!". Then let's introduce concrete method of local anti-crime program.

Let's do anti-crime program patrol

We talk with family and neighborhood about anti-crime program, and let's begin because we can do it

Way of anti-crime program patrol

We will know way, precaution of anti-crime program patrol

We continue anti-crime program patrol, and let's be activated

Patrol that effect is finished if it continues!

Is home all right?

Let's protect important house by oneself

We mend safe gusset

From hardware surface, soft aspect, let's think about countermeasure

Let's be careful when going out

We will know snatching, crime measures including sexual crime when going out

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