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My family

My family

I I am second grader.
It is always told to be, "we protect oneself by oneself" by family.
We follow "four running joke of odako police" properly!

Older sister My older sister, fifth grader.
We came to go to various places with friend recently.
Because older sister follows promise as for mother properly because return of private supplementary school is late though we are like worry a little, it is all right!

Grandfather Grandfather whom I respect.
For ten years, they act as self-government chairperson, and all the local people know grandfather.
He/she stands in attending school road every day.

Grandmother Grandmother who has a gentle me.
With grandfather, we are doing work of Neighborhood Association.
It is neighboring person and good friend and loves child.
We always talk outside.

Father My father.
We were said to grandfather recently and always began anti-crime program patrol though we were busy with work.
We have families between fathers and look happy.

Mother My mother.
We are very scared when we do not keep promise at the age of time and caretaker going out.
We warn my friend and neighboring child well.

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