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Let's protect child from crime

Environmental aggravation to surround child is outstanding.
We snatch shoplifting and bicycle theft while cases that child including mischief and assault, abuse, companion kyo riya kidnapping to child becomes victim occur frequently, and case that child becomes near criminal opens.
Damage by miserable child abuse increases and is anxious.
What we repeat, "you must protect own body by oneself" in everyday life and teach to is important to protect child from crime. We protector will contact children with such a consciousness.

Rule "running joke of four of odako police" of my home

We collected anti-crime program knowledge of child as four rules

We will identify as child

Let's confirm neighboring dangerous place, safe place with child

Case and countermeasure of crime that child becomes victim

Based on crime example that child became victim, let's talk with child about countermeasure

Because we do not let child have crime assailant

Let's usually talk with child about not having to do it

Let's protect child from abuse

Let's protect your local child from miserable child abuse

Let's watch child in area

Let's watch growth of child while touching child through local action

This is true child anti-crime program page

It is anti-crime program page for children

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"Security, reliable handbook" <child edition> (Yokohama-shi)
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