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Please cooperate with registration of activity group information!

All of groups which usually carry out a security activity in area, please send information about activity contents! Information that we had is released on this homepage.
We develop cooperation of anti-crime program activity group by disclosing information and, between citizen hoping for participation in anti-crime program activity, can exchange information.
Please send much information to activate this homepage!

To have you offer information

In group which can provide information, please offer information with the following points.

About entry of reporting book

 It is reporting book ... document having you submit.  (Excel:27kb)   (PDF:79kb)

 As it is entry example of example ... application with reporting clerk, please confirm contents.  (Excel:34kb)  (PDF:88kb)

 As notice matter ... personal information that we deal with reporting book presentation includes applicable part, please confirm contents. (PDF:125kb)

Presentation of reporting book

Please submit to nearest ward office Regional Promotion Division (as for the Isogo Ward General Affairs Division) or Civic Affairs Bureau area anti-crime program support section by bringing or mail directly.

Contact information

City of Yokohama, Civic Affairs Bureau area anti-crime program support section
Telephone: 045-671-3705 FAX: 045-664-0734

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When you do not have, we click lower button, and please see after downloading Adobe Reader of free distribution.

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