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Civic Affairs Bureau

Please be careful about cybercrime!

Using the Internet or cell-phone, examples involved in crime and trouble increase.
Please be careful!Computer

Instructions on using the Internet

  • It will prevent you from telling partner who got to know on the Internet personal information such as e-mail address, phone number easily!
  • When we apply for business and prize, questionnaire on nets such as auction, let's confirm whether it is reliable partner enough!
  • Let's manage ID/ password severely! Avoid password that can suppose easily not to tell another person ... carelessly, change password regularly.
  • For the OS and software (browser or email) of PC to use, let's set appropriate security using the latest Security Patch (modified program)!
  • Let's use introduction of virus measures software or virus measures service!
  • Let's use protective software such as personal firewalls!
  • In when not in use, we cut power supply, or let's separate network!
  • We replace with the real world and will judge calmly!

The details of link - cybercrime