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Civic Affairs Bureau

Please be careful about suspicious calls!

We give staff of city hall, ward office and Social Insurance Office and make a call, and, under the pretense of refund procedure of premium and medical expenses , doubt telephone which is going to let you guide and remit to ATM occurs in various places throughout the city.
Please be careful!

Concrete trick

  • There is return of premium. It has not been filed yet, but wants account number to tell as we are still in time today!
  • We sent news of refund of medical expenses before. The end of last month was the deadline, but procedure is not done yet. As you are in time until today's 0:00, please call to the next phone number!
  • There is refund of medical expenses which we paid too much. As we cannot cope in financial institution, we go to city hall, convenience store, ATM of hospital and want you to file.

Wanting you to be careful

    • Not ATM of financial institution where caution is severe, convenience store and supermarket, case to guide to ATM of hospital and government office recently are seen.
    • "Time limit rush that is until today", and do not give room to think calmly, and to talk about with people. It becomes difficult to regain money when we pay.
    • We may not call so that the staff of public institution performs ATM operation for refund receipt.
    • Please call the nearest police department or ward office to live immediately if you feel doubt.