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Civic Affairs Bureau

Please be careful about snatching!

... this year begins, and snatching increases rapidly in in Kanagawa and the city! ...
Please be careful!
We introduce point not to encounter damage of snatching here.

Motorcycle approaches and looks back toward the back if we feel that we are suspicious.

If motorcycle and bicycle approach from the rear, we look back and confirm partner and will be cautious!

We have bag on the wall side and make cord hook.

We do for cord credit that bags do not last on the road side and have on the wall side, and let's devise way of holding!

We add anti-crime program net to bicycle basket.

Let's use snatching prevention net! We are effective just to put magazines on the bags.

We listen to music in headphones while walking and do not operate cell-phone.

We listen to music while walking, and let's wait because attention becomes loose as for email and talking!