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Civic Affairs Bureau

Citizen's Information Systems Section
Exhibition of information that Yokohama-shi holds and protection of personal information
Human rights section
We promote every measure, business with viewpoint of respect for human rights
Local action promotion section
Neighborhood Association Neighborhood Associations, promotion of cheerful community development, social movement insurance
Local anti-crime program support section
Promotion of support to anti-crime program activity to work on in area and LED crime prevention light setting business
Social movement support section
The certification of support, NPO corporation of promotion, social movement of collaboration
The public relations section
Public information yokohama, information dispatch through guide, the Internet and TV radio of living
Public hearing consultation section
Various consultation, Yokohama-shi call centers by various public hearing business, municipal administration consultation and specialists in "suggestion from citizen"
Ward communication adjustment section
Support of ward administration such as general adjustment about the administration of a ward and budget, financial statements adjustment of ward office
Local facility section
Environmental maintenance such as maintenance, adjustment such as district centers and convenience improvement such as ward Government buildings
Counter Service Division
Procedure, service counter in the city hall about family register, resident certificate, approach of window service improvement
Sports promotion section
Search of sports facility, event circle information in Yokohama-shi, sports information
Rugby World Cup 2019 promotion section / Olympics Paralympics promotion section
Rugby World Cup 2019TM, the Tokyo 2020 Olympics Paralympics
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Various sporting events are held in Yokohama-shi!
You participate, and please watch a game! !

Tie for "all civic spirit"; make; protect
 We do Civic Affairs Bureau centering on civic collaboration, administration of a ward support based on voice of citizen's everybody and plan improvement of improvement, area of service and plan environment maintenance such as sports activity or local action and support social movement generally.